As a Records Specialist at J&Y Law Firm, I am primarily responsible for requesting crucial documentation to support the firm’s attorneys. This documentation, commonly referred to as pre-retainers, is essential for attorneys to have complete files on all client matters.

During my first month in this role, I have become well-acquainted with the firm’s systems and processes. I have also gained valuable experience working closely with my colleagues and supervisors. Every day presents new opportunities to further develop the core skills needed to excel in this position.

I thrive when presented with new challenges. This role has allowed me to take on diverse tasks and responsibilities. Researching and compiling documentation for each case feels like conducting an investigation, which I find deeply engaging.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing guitar and listening to the band Los Temerarios, who remain one of my all-time favorite musical groups. I am looking forward to seeing them perform live in concert later this year during their upcoming tour stop in my home country.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my background and responsibilities. I remain committed to ongoing professional growth and contributing maximum value to the success of this esteemed law firm.