Yosi was the best! He is so friendly & nice, but professional. He doesn't make you feel like you're handling a business transaction. Very responsive and worked with me as much as possible. I never had to wonder what was going on once I came in contact with him and he made sure everything was done smoothly and within days I rec'd my much-needed settlement. Thank you so much!!

— D Gray

Yosi is amazing! I stumbled upon Yosi years ago for advice on an auto accident. I obtained his services & from there I didn't have to worry about anything. He took care of me & my family. Today, some years later he is still the considerate, hands on, determined lawyer that get results. He has happily helped me & my family when such services are needed. I highly recommend his…

— Ri. R.

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I want to say thank you to J&Y Law because if it wasn't for you guys me and my family would be stuck . I love this law firm because you guys help me every step of the way. Communicated with me very well so for that and thank you God bless you guys.

— Jesica M.

I got into a car accident earlier this year and was recommended to use Yosi and Jason to help me out in my case. These guys were really awesome from the very beginning all the way to the end. Yosi was always accessible every time I called him and really helped me explain all phases of the case. I would highly recommend them to anybody that needs a personal injury…

— Dustin N.

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Jason, Yosi and the rest of the J&Y Law staff were helpful and professional in helping me deal with issued related to my car accident. They were knowledgeable, honest, and quick, helping me get a good result.

— Michael K.

J&Y is the best attorney's I've experienced in a very long time. They are professional, polite, compassionate and hard-working! The staff is excellent, Daniel M. wrapped up my case faster than I had imagined it would be. He was so efficient in returning all my calls and answering my questions so big thank you Daniel M for your expertise....you are truly an angel!!!

— Toni D.

I Love these guys! J&Y is the best attorney's I've ever had in many many years!!! I recently was involved in an accident where I was rear-ended. I was taken care of immediately & was getting the medical treatment necessary. The staff is excellent also!!! Daniel M. Is an absolute angel, he followed up with all my phone calls, always returned my calls in a timely manner. Daniel M, also…

— Antoinette D.

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They helped me out and gave me good service.

— Ruben B.

These guys are the real deal, they were with my mom and I from the beginning til' the end. Every step of the way, great and fast responses, very efficient and getting things done, thank you.

— Julio L.

Excellent work. Very pleased with everything and how they made us feel. 5 stars would recommend to friends and family.

— Elizabeth S.

I was rear ended and injured in a car accident. I was referred to J&Y. They handled everything, from scheduling the MRI, to finding me the best doctors and therapist. The insurance company only wanted to settle for $1500.00. The lawyers at J&Y fought hard for me and they didn't settle until we got the maximum amount of the policy.

— Trent A.

There's a lot of law firms in LA, and for most of them you're just another case. Not this one. At J&Y they treat you right, it's personal. They helped me with my case and they went far beyond to get me the best result. Not only solving my case right, they also remember my birthday and send me a card and a gift every year, even after my case…

— Trapicio F.

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My girlfriend's mother was involved in a car accident that resulted in a double amputation. After a horrible experience with a previous attorney who did the most minimal work to help her, they began looking elsewhere. After reading positive reviews online they decided to have Yosi Yahoudai take on the case. After a long ordeal of working to have Medicare and Medical remove a lien on her settlement we met…

— Roberto D.

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J&Y Law Firm did an excellent job with my case. They took care of me from beginning to end, the lawyers were very caring about my personal health and well being. I would definitely recommend them to others. They have an excellent lien negotiator that will handle all your needs with care and fight for you. I give them 5 stars!

— Lashe B.

It has been a pleasure working with this group. Javaheri, Yahoudai, and John Bell are the best plaintiff personal injury attorneys and I would highly recommend this firm. I hold their focus on teamwork to a high regard and truly appreciate them for not only treating me with the most respect as their client but also making me feel like family.

— Brandy L.

As soon as I walked in, they had excellent service. Won our case, and the people in there were great. Overall, this place is magnificent.

— Elizabeth H.

I had a really good experience with this law firm, definitely recommend! Got a settlement that I was not expecting! Helpful and friendly employees. They accommodated every request!

— Sandra S.

I liked their representation of my case and would refer others to them.

— Clifton D.

Best of the best! Highly recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you guys for all your help!

— Odet N.

I appreciate them helping me through a difficult time. Everyone was helpful and guided me through this process. Thank you.

— Lillia C.

The J&Y team helped me out with my accident. This is an outstanding professional service, great team, from the attorneys, project manager, and paralegals. They proved beyond the reasonable doubt that they are the best in the industry. If you want a good response they are the people you need to call.

— Hugo Jimenez

Thank you for the awesome job, it took some time, but you did a good job thank you so much Daniel.

— Paola T.

I was very skeptical when I first hired them as my attorneys, but I am so thankful today for going with my gut and sticking with J&Y. They have been so helpful and I was very impressed with them. Overall, I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a personal injury or wrongful death attorney.

— Ismael R.

This law firm was recommended by a long time friend of ours and have heard nothing but good reviews about them. Our experience couldn't have been better, everything went extremely smooth and we were happy with our settlement. In addition, they go out of their way to completely satisfy their clients no matter what the circumstance is. Yosi and Daniel we're extremely helpful, thank you Javaheri and Yahoudai law team…

— Gino C.

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I can't say enough great things about this amazing law firm. Yosi and Jason were so absolutely great handling my case over the past year. They would always take my calls and their staff was exceptionally helpful. I have actually referred several people to them who have also been extremely happy with their service. I would not hesitate at all to use them again. Thank you guys so much for…

— Jennifer M.

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Today my case was finally closed and i just picked up my settlement check! - I had a car accident and my case was pretty complex. I had the fortune to find J&Y law firm and since they took my case, they made sure I was ok. Always protecting me and looking out for my best interest. Thank you Jason and all the amazing team who were always there for…

— Michelle G.

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Thank you for the excellent job on my case. Took some time but you were able to get it done in great fashion.

— Peggy K.

My experience at J&Y law firm was great. In a face to face meeting of about two hours Yosi and his interpreter Ingrid were extremely helpful and understanding of my mother's case. They definitely worked to their full potential to achieve positive results. Yosi is all about making sure his clients are satisfied with his work and will go above and beyond to achieve that goal. We couldn't be any…

— Jenny G.

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Best law firm. Helped me out a lot with my accident. Great team and very professional, thanks J&Y team. I surely recommend them to my family, friends or everyone. They wont let you down.

— Emil B.

J&Y helped me get back to normal after 2 accidents. They handled everything professionally and in a timely manner. Daniel Machado was very helpful in wrapping up the final stages of everything and I appreciate the firm greatly. Thanks J&Y.

— Somerset T.

Best law firm in the business. They help me thought the process quick and effectively with no hassle. Really kind and friendly people with years of experience. They are very professional, recommend highly.

— Guido M.

My experience with J&Y was really good. They always stayed in contact with me and emailed me back within the hour. My case was handled professionally and fairly.

— Katie Beverly

Very thankful to God...because everything came out well...and we appreciate everything the attorneys did for us, and for doing an excellent job...we're very happy with the job they did!

— Victor Guevara

Mr. Yosi was great! He helped me out A LOT. This is a great firm to have represent you. I will have him help me if I ever need him again.

— Rosalinda Martinez

After a careful review of my personal injury case, this law firm welcomed me as a member of their client constituency. They provided first-rate service, constant follow-thru, and delivered an excellent outcome. They are now my resident law firm in this area. Rating: 5

— Sydney M.

Yosi was very professional and always available to speak to when I had questions or concerns. I will definitely be using his services again if I ever need to. Rating: 5

— Aileen O.

When I first got into my accident, I didn’t even think about getting an attorney because I had never been hit before. After my car accident, I started feeling a lot of soreness and pain while doing some of my regular day activities. One of my family members recommended I give Javaheri & Yahoudai a call. Today, im glad I took that advice and hired Yosef Yahoudai’s law firm because…

— Robert Quintana

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In 2009 I was seriously injured in a rear end collision on the 5 Freeway by a car that hit me at full speed. I was out of it and a friend recommended me to Jason Javaheri. It was a horrible time for me and he was very concerned about my health and well-being. He represented me well and I received a very good settlement and was treated by excellent…

— John Ferris

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My wife, and daughters were in a horrible accident, involving multiple cars and we’re fortunate to have survived. Following the typical post – accident issues of who’s at fault, which insurance would settle, etc…? We felt that because of the severity of the accident that we were not getting the sympathy we felt we were due from the insurance companies. We began searching for legal representation. We fount Mr. Yahoudai…

— Charles Clark Jr

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Yosi represented my case, I can honestly say I had a really good experience with him and his staff. The first consultation he had one of his staff members come to my home where I felt more comfortable especially not knowing what to expect. He went over everything answered all my questions. When I met Yosi he made me feel welcome and reassured me everything will be ok. What I…

— Denise

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Yosi will go the extra mile for you if you find yourself in a difficult situation of needing an attorney, look no further. Not only is Yosi a great attorney, he is a great person.he will help you and do everything in his power to get you the best possible outcome in your case. If you are in the fence about getting an attorney or are overwhelmed by the endless…

— Alex

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Yosi is an amazing attorney kind compassionate and very patient. A professional lawyer that did the very best for me. My experience was incredible and I can't say enough about him. I will recommend him to anyone that needs representation. He is top notch and I have so much respect for him and his team. Thank you so much

— Julie R.

Again Jason Javaheri is the best attorney for me. I hired Mr Javaheri for my second case in 2016 after I was rear-ended at a red light. He handled my first case in 2012, in which I was devastated by an accident when a car ran a red light. Mr Javaheri is professional, caring & was very helpful in getting me the best medical care that I needed & the…

— Antoinette F

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I am glad to have been referred to Yosi from another attorney. I am not one to leave reviews but how can I not tell you what a wonderful job Yosi and his office staff did for me. I didn’t think I needed a lawyer but it turns out I did and Yosi was great. He explained everything with my case and I felt like I knew what to expect…

— Farzad T

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J&Y recently represented me in a personal injury lawsuit after I was in an accident on a Los Angeles freeway. After an accident you don’t want to deal with all the hassle of of a lawsuit. These guys took care of everything! Yosi Yahoudai and his legal assistant, Lisa Mora were very responsive to my inquiries, kept me informed, and were pleasant to work with. They always took time to…

— Elise P.

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I was injured as the result of a trip and fall accident. After 13 months of dental and orthodontic treatment, I began negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement. I soon realized they had no intention of paying me what I asked, an amount I believed to be reasonable. Neither desiring nor capable of pursuing the issue on my own, I engaged Yosi to act on my behalf. I…

— Kathryn Y.

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This is to inform all concerned that I hired Yosi Yahoudai to represent me in a motorcycle accident, which resulted in numerous bodily injuries. From the first meeting to the last Yosi was extremely caring and informative, during the entire processing of my case. His expertise in accidents related to my case resulted in a “full payment settlement” by the opposing responsible insurance company. He knew exactly what I was…

— Paul P.

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I was so grateful that Attorney Yahoudai was on my side during one of my most difficult life situations. When the accident occurred on Jan 1, 2011, I was so depressed to learn that no witnesses were present to testify for me. I’ve always been a very careful driver so getting into a terrible accident that totally wrecked my car was truly devastating for me. Only then that I began…

— Ann R.

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This is the real story of a how a great lawyer can get justice for you when there is no hope. We see in the movies how a miracle happens in a helpless person’s life through another person when there is no hope, and I would proudly say exactly that happened to my parents life with attorney Yosi Yahoudai in J&Y. I have to go back a few years, it was November 2009…

— Priya C.

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Having never met Mr. Javaheri before, we had no idea what to expect. But we soon discovered that he was genuinely interested in helping us and trustworthy. My wife and son, Rosa and Christopher had been rear ended in a car accident on Jan 15, 2010. Our attempts to deal with the insurance adjuster on our own proved frustrating and it soon became clear that they were not going to…

— Tconway

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I was on my way to work one morning. I came to a complete stop on the 57 Northbound just before the 210 Eastbound. One second everything is perfect, and the next second I am rear-ended at high velocity while my car remained at a complete stop. Three cars were totaled as a result of the violent collision. The paramedics arrived on the scene, helped me out of my car,…

— Alfonso G.

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My daughter and granddaughter, who was only 12 months-old at the time, were in a serious car accident in 2010. The car was beyond repairable and my daughter had no car.  We called Jason Javaheri at J&Y and someone came out to see our daughter and assess her case the very next day.  Jason made arrangements with a major rental car company to accommodate our daughter’s need of a rental…

— Manuel & Sandra B.

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I would like to start by saying that Jason Javaheri and his staff at J&Y were very kind and sensitive to my individual case. Every time that I spoke with them throughout the process, they knew me by name and remembered everything of which we had previously discussed. I was in a high impact car accident on April 3, 2010, in which I suffered from disc bulges in my neck…

— Erica L.

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Dear Mr Javaheri, As you know, I was severely injured in a rear-end collision on Sept. 16th, 2009. The car behind me was travelling at full speed on the 5 Freeway and hit me as I had just stopped because the traffic in front of me had stopped. When I looked in my rearview mirror, I could see the other driver not paying attention and she proceeded to smash into…

— John F.

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Another attorney initially referred Mr. Yahoudai to me and it was the best decision I ever made to have him represent me in my case. Mr. Yahoudai is an excellent attorney and a true advocate – he is extremely knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and dedicated. He really knows how to fight for his client and will do everything that he can to rectify your case. There are not enough “thanks” in…

— Ericka G.

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My accident happened on February 26, 2010. I was a front seat passenger in my friend’s car. I never saw the other car before the impact. All of a sudden, it struck our vehicle right where I was sitting. It hit our car very hard. My right shoulder was crushed into the right side of the car. Immediately after the accident, I felt severe pain in my right shoulder, neck,…

— Patrick G.

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My accident is something that I won’t forget. Unfortunately, my residual shoulder pain and surgical scars serve as a constant reminder. I was driving straight crossing an intersection and then BOOM!The other driver passed the red the light and t-boned the rear driver’s side of my van, causing my van to lose control and spin around. My van ended up being totaled.It turned out that the person who hit me…

— David H.

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