As an Intake Specialist for JNY Law firm, I work to provide a welcoming experience for all prospective clients. My daily responsibilities include answering questions, offering guidance, and conducting initial consultations to help individuals understand whether working with our attorneys makes sense for their legal needs.

By screening new inquiries and facilitating the onboarding process, I aim to build trust and ease any concerns clients may have. Maintaining open lines of communication allows me to address additional questions as cases progress. Providing a comforting introduction for those who choose to work with our team brings me satisfaction, as I know legal issues can cause stress.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending leisure time outdoors in nature, exploring new cuisine, and relaxing with my dogs. Learning also interests me, so I often listen to science or health podcasts during my commute or while preparing meals at home. Music provides a creative outlet, and I appreciate various genres.

I’m pleased to join such a dedicated group of professionals. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would be more comfortable communicating in Spanish. Assisting clients from all backgrounds is rewarding.