As a Case Manager, I take pride in achieving positive outcomes for my clients. Most recently, I successfully negotiated a settlement that exceeded expectations for a client who had been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

I value compassion and helping others, which aligns well with my role. I enjoy guiding clients, especially when they lack familiarity with the personal injury process. This allows me to provide knowledge and reassurance during challenging times. My goal is to empower clients and ensure they feel understood and supported.

Outside of work, I enjoy staying active. I played cornerback in football during my youth and still appreciate the sport. In my spare time, I like going to the gym, reading various genres, and traveling to new places. Music is also a passion of mine, particularly R&B and classic rock which never fail to lift my spirits.

Most of all, I find fulfillment in using my skills and experience to ease the burdens of those coping with injury. It is rewarding to help clients find resolution and return to normalcy. I aim to leave a positive impression and be a calming presence during difficult periods.