Hello, I’m Megan, a Certified Litigation Paralegal at J&Y Law Firm with over 10 years of diverse experience in the legal field. My journey has been marked by a dedication to excellence and a passion for the intricacies of the law.

As a Certified Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal my responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks that are pivotal to the success of each case. I thrive on the challenges presented by each case and find fulfillment in contributing to the pursuit of justice for our clients. I approach each task with meticulous attention and dedication until it is completed.

I take pride in my active involvement in trials and ability to navigate the complexities of legal disputes. Many times I have negotiated settlements for maximum policy limits and have reached settlements in excess of $300,000. These experiences not only demonstrated my legal prowess but also my commitment to securing the best outcomes for my clients.

Outside the legal realm, I find joy in pursuits that balance the demands of my profession. Arts and crafts are a personal favorite, providing me with a creative outlet to unwind and express myself. Gardening is another passion, allowing me to nurture and witness growth – a process akin to my approach in the legal field. Most importantly, spending quality time with my family is the cornerstone of my life. The balance between professional rigor and personal connection is essential to my overall well-being.