As a Case Manager for J&Y Law Firm, it is my responsibility to communicate effectively with clients, insurance providers, and medical professionals. I serve as the primary point of contact, advocating on behalf of clients to secure the necessary care and resources they require and deserve, despite sometimes facing reluctance from insurance companies.

My goal in this role is to help people achieve the highest attainable level of well-being. I find deep fulfillment in ensuring each client receives individualized attention and the full support needed to make meaningful progress toward their recovery and long-term health objectives. I work diligently on every case to help clients gain incremental steps toward experiencing life’s joys, even if complete happiness remains elusive.

Outside of my professional duties, I enjoy expanding my knowledge through reading various new publications. I also appreciate spending leisure time with my two canine companions. Additionally, I am an avid baseball fan and particularly root for the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise.