A Bus Driving California Catastrophe

  • Aug 21 2016

Buses can usually cause the most catastrophic accidents because they can weigh approximately sixteen thousand pounds. These vehicles weigh even more if carrying passengers or property.  Therefore, death, injury, and severe damage usually results.  This incident occurred in the County of Merced in California and involved a bus traveling on Highway 99 from Mexico.  The bus was reported to be traveling through California to reach its Washington destination.

The driver was employed by a company called Autobuses Coordinados USA, Inc. which operates out of Los Angeles.  Apparently,

When Bicyclists & Motor Vehicles Collide

  • Aug 21 2016

Bicycle accidents in California are on the rise and have reached a high of approximately three hundred and thirty eight bicyclist fatalities.  The state even topped the charts in 2012 when it “had the most bicyclists killed of any state.”  Apparently, eighty-four percent of these deaths involved adult-males over the age of twenty.  The leading contributors to these accidents are purported to involve the influence of alcohol and not wearing a helmet.

In California, over four-percent of deaths concerning motor vehicles were bicyclist accidents. 

When Trains Derail

  • Aug 21 2016

Who is liable for damages when an act of God contributes to the cause of an accident?  A San Franciso train called “The Altamont Corridor Express” (ACE) was impacted by intense flooding in the area.  This train ran on the Union Pacific Railroad, a popular commuter line that transports approximately six thousand individuals daily.  Prior to and at the time of the accident, there were downpours that lead to mudslides throughout this area.  One report said that a tree was thrust onto the railway by the mudslide.

Just before the calamity,

The Repercussions of Concussions – What You Need To Know About Brain Injuries

  • Aug 18 2016

Recent suicides of football players have triggered multiple investigations into brain injuries and the array of consequences that players face as a result of repeated head trauma.  Studies are being conducted on the corpses of deceased football players to evaluate the connection of brain injuries and mental illness, as well as the plethora of other conditions that are now coupled with head trauma.

One particular study was performed on Kosta Karageorge, an individual who played football for Ohio State University.  Karageorge had endured multiple “traumatic brain injuries” (TBIs) as a “defensive lineman.”  Tragically,

Deadly Plane Accidents & Unknown Causes

  • Aug 18 2016

Relatives and friends are mourning the deaths of those lost in a devastating plane crash that recently occurred at an airport in Northern California.  Four individuals were involved in the collision, including the Kruetzfeldts and the Chandlers—both couples were residents of Sonora, California.  The passengers on board were relatives of one another, including the pilot and his wife, and the pilot’s mother and stepfather.  The Kruetzfeldts had three children that they left behind as a result of this deadly accident.

According to reports, the plane deviated off of the track as the pilot was attempting to make a landing on “runway 17.”  At approximately forty-five minutes after four in the evening,

When Limo Rides Ignite

  • Aug 18 2016

Five individuals found themselves trapped inside a burning limousine one night while driving on San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, in California.  The limo was filled with friends in their thirties and forties who were gathered for a passenger’s bridal shower celebration.  The party was destined for Foster City’s Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Upon a bump in the ride, some of the women inside the vehicle began to observe black smoke and tried to get the driver’s attention by banging on the window.  Screams and raging fire filled the tense atmosphere as the passengers tried desperately to move away from the back of the vehicle that was on fire.  

Parachute Accident Sucks Navy Seal Vet From Plane

  • Jul 30 2016

Who is liable in a parachute accident death?

When you go skydiving– whether for pleasure or as part of a military mission– there is an expectation that the parachute will open and function properly. And if there is any concern about the primary chute opening, the existence of the reserve chute offers added safety and security. Barring horseplay or any reckless, careless, or contributory negligent behavior on the part of the parachuter or others, the proper performance of the parachute is expected.

But what happens if something goes terribly awry?

Bay Area Bike Accidents on the Rise

  • Jul 29 2016

Q: Who is at fault in a bicycle accident?

With the beautiful weather and healthy, active lifestyle of Californians, it’s not surprising that bicyclists are out in full force on park trails and roadways. Unfortunately, when sharing the road with automobiles, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, even the most safety-conscious, protective gear-wearing bicyclists are no match for a moving car.

In a 24 hour period in late June, three separate fatal bike accidents happened in the Bay Area, two of them being hit-and-run incidents.

Death in the Slow Lane: Truck Accident Law in California

  • Jul 20 2016

Are commercial trucks subject to specific safety laws and regulations?

While many may joke about driving on the California freeways, a recent truck accident tragedy on the 5 Freeway in Gorman reminds us how grave the consequences of sharing the roadways with the big rigs can be.

On June 28, 2016, the unthinkable happened. Two families traveling together in a Toyota minivan were involved in a fender bender with a BMW at about 4:00 am. While allegedly stopped between the slow lane and the shoulder after the accident,

Blaming the Auto-Pilot Driver

  • Jul 20 2016

Who is at fault in a self-driving car accident?

The nation’s first auto-pilot fatal car accident just happened in Florida. The accident occurred when a Tesla driver using the auto-pilot, self-driving feature crashed into the side of a tracker trailer that had crossed its path at a turning point in a divided highway, sending the Tesla under the tracker trailer with the windshield making impact and killing the Tesla driver.

In a two vehicle accident, it’s common to find the two drivers pointing their fingers of blame at each other.

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