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  • Jan 13 2020

Principles of providing educational services on the resource writemypapers.org

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Subtleties of execution of a scientific work

Every student in the modern world is interested in the following questions:

How do I manage to submit an academic paper following the set deadlines, when I still need to go to work?

How is written academic work defended?

Where to find educational materials for academic work?

Is it possible to find ready-made academic works for download somewhere on the Internet?

How to avoid accusations of plagiarism?

In what form should bibliographic data be presented?

How to write my essays a research paper in English without spelling and grammatical errors?

What is the curriculum of academic work?

How to order materials for academic work?

Any academic work is a professionally prepared scientific text of a longer volume (not less than 20 pages), the successful writing and defense of which is one of the conditions for obtaining a scientific degree. Its purpose is to prove whether the student has mastered the methods of independent research and to what extent he can competently read and evaluate the findings of other researchers. Academic work and its structure are similar to the thesis, but with the difference that the author’s contribution should be as informative as possible. However, the same principles of citation ethics remain in these works. However, in the case of a thesis, it is automatically assumed that the graduate has no problems with it at all. On the other hand, this aspect should not be underestimated, as even a small inattention (inconsistent reference to the source of a direct quotation) can be considered plagiarism. You can find the current citation standards at your university, and if you want to make sure that your work does not contain parts taken and therefore cannot be classified as plagiarism, insert it into the anti-plagiarism system before sending it to the teacher.

Order on writemypapers.org execution of a scientific work

Among the most discussed and in some sense the most insidious parts of academic work are mainly introductions, annotations (including keywords), and conclusion. So let’s look at them one by one. The introduction of academic work, like a bachelor’s thesis, serves to present the issues addressed, personal motivation for the preparation of academic work or to summarize previous research results in the chosen field of science, which corresponds to the general theme of scientific work. However, compared to previous works, the introduction to the thesis should be more complex and scientific – it should not be just a vague statement, such as “I chose this topic because I was always interested.” An annotation to academic work is a short text summarizing the material for academic work, its methodology, and goals. Today it is customary to submit annotations as short as possible so that they reveal the topic. It is also customary to provide an annotation with several keywords, which are designed to simplify the search for work on the Internet or in the database of the faculty. The conclusion to the academic work is a summary of the major and partial results that the author has achieved in his work. This is a brief discussion that may also indicate other possible areas for future research in this area. Quickly, but qualitatively, all these sections can be performed by experienced writers from writemypapers.org, who at affordable prices are engaged in quality performance of any academic work.

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