Car accidents have always been common in California and even more so today with so many Uber vehicles on the road. If you have been injured in an Uber accident, it is critically important to understand your rights. Rideshare accidents are governed by complicated insurance rules and pursuing a claim against Uber can be challenging. Nonetheless, if your injuries were the result of an Uber driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

At J&Y Law, we are dedicated to holding Uber accountable for accidents that result in passenger injuries. Well-versed in the applicable insurance laws, we have a proven history of providing our clients with powerful representation and caring, efficient service. When you work with us, you can rest assured we will fight for your rights so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Common Los Angeles Uber Accident Injuries

If you have been involved in an Uber accident, you should immediately call the police and seek medical treatment, even if you don’t believe you have been injured. In some cases, the symptoms of an injury may not surface until days or even weeks after an accident. Nonetheless, it’s not too late to file a claim days after your Uber trip.

While the extent of an injury in an Uber accident depends on the severity of the accident, common injuries include:


Bone fractures resulting from Uber accidents often require ongoing medical treatment and physical therapy. Not only do fractures take a long time to heal, collateral damage to the ligaments and tendons cause Uber accident victims lingering pain and limited mobility. Combined with mounting medical costs, the consequences of an Uber accident can be long- lasting, which is why you need the aggressive legal representation J&Y Law can provide.

Uber Accident Head and Back Injuries

Uber passengers involved in an accident can strike their heads against seatbacks or windows which can cause injuries ranging from mild concussions to skull fractures. Even worse are high impact collisions and rollovers that can to serious head injuries or traumatic brain injuries that require extensive medical treatment.

In addition, back injuries (e.g. herniated discs, spinal cord damage) are also common after Uber accidents. Injury victims typically experience reduced sensation and control over their extremities, as well as tingling sensations, muscle weakness, or pain in the arms and legs.


Whiplash is the type of injury that may take several hours or days before symptoms become apparent. While some injuries may be minor and can be treated with rest and pain medication, more severe whiplash injuries can result in nerve or disc damage, ruptured ligaments or fractured vertebrae. Whiplash victims are also at an increased risk of future neck or back injuries. In other words, an Uber accident is often grounds for a personal injury claim.

Uber Accident Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries after an Uber accident may involve damage to the spinal cord, nerves in the spinal canal, or vertebrae, ligaments or disks of the spinal column. While lesser injuries may lead to partial loss of movement and sensation, a severe spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis (quadriplegia/paraplegia). Additionally bleeding, swelling, inflammation and fluid buildup in the spinal cord are not uncommon.  

An injury that involves the neck can affect an Uber accident victim’s arm movements and ability to breathe, while an injury to the chest or lower back can impact the torso, legs, bladder and bowel function, and sexual function. Currently there is no cure for spinal cord injuries, although promising treatments are on the horizon. In the meantime, spinal cord injuries typically require extensive surgeries, lengthy recovery times, and ongoing physical therapy. Some victims of spinal cord injuries may even require long-term medical care.

Loss of Limbs/Digits

Limbs that are badly damaged in an Uber accident (e.g. crushed bones, partially severed limbs), may require amputation. This can greatly impact an Uber accident victim’s quality of life, hampering daily activities such as walking or driving. Additionally, lost fingers and toes can prevent an Uber accident victim from working or engaging in physical activities.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A sudden force resulting from a jolt to the head or body after an Uber accident can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A mild TBI injury can result in temporary brain dysfunction as well as physical and cognitive effects. On the other hand, a more serious brain injury can cause bruising, bleeding and tissue damage in the brain, resulting in permanent mental or physical impairment, paralysis or wrongful death.

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