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cold motorcycle tireMotorcycle riders are generally aware that safety inspections must be conducted before getting on the road, starting with the tires. Did you know that cold temperatures can have a significant effect on tire pressure? Failing to take the proper precautions both before and during riding increases the risk of a motorcycle accident. This is why it is crucial for motorcycle riders to be aware of the effects of cold motorcycle tires.

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Cold Temperatures and Motorcycle Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures have a dramatic effect on motorcycle tire pressure. In fact, a 10-degree drop in air temperature can lower tire pressure by one-to-two pounds. In order for tires to perform effectively, they must be properly inflated. Riding a motorcycle on underinflated tires poses a number of dangers, including:

  • Reduced load capacity
  • Heavy steering
  • Sluggish handling
  • Reduced ground clearance
  • Tire separation from the rim
  • Internal tire damage
  • Uneven tread wear

Given these risks, it is crucial for motorcyclists to perform a proper tire inspection before riding. This includes checking the pressure when the tires are cold — three or more hours since the previous ride, and inflating tires to the recommended pressure. Motorcycle riders should also inspect the tires for signs of damage such as wear, tread depth, weathering, sidewall cracking, bulges, embedded objects — screws, nails, etc.

Cold Tires and Motorcycle Riding

While conducting a pre-ride inspection is the first step in motorcycle safety, it is important to remember that the tire temperature also makes a significant difference while you are riding. In cold tire motorcycle accidents, tip-overs can occur by using too much brake or excessive throttle. This is because excessive braking or throttling can cause a cold rear tire to break loose.

In particular, inexperienced riders have a tendency to pick up on the throttle before turning into corners. Because overloaded tires can slide, motorcyclists should ride cautiously until the tires have warmed to the proper operating temperature. So, if you are about to ride on a bike that has not been used for a while, you must ride slowly to let the tires warm up.

Additionally It is important to understand how the weight on a motorcycle is distributed. When turning into a corner, the weight is transferred to the rear tire while contact the front tire has with the road is reduced. When the tires are cold, a motorcycle tipping accident can easily occur. This becomes an even greater concern when there is a passenger on the back of the motorcycle — which adds more weight. A passenger can easily be thrown from a fishtailing or tipped bike. A motorcycle rider who fails to take precautions can be held liable for any injuries sustained by passengers in a tipping accident.

Therefore, when a motorcycle is entering a corner, rather than picking up on the throttle, it is best to use the brake until the bike is on the right trajectory. Also, a motorcyclist should not accelerate until the bike is coming out of the corner and the road ahead can be seen. While this method of cornering is good for any kind of tire, it can greatly reduce the risk of cold motorcycle tire crashes.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Cold tire motorcycle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Head injuries
  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Leg injuries
  • Road Rash
  • Muscle Damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis

Motorcycle riders can minimize their level of injury risk in cold weather by wearing protective gear — helmets, leather jackets, heavy pants, motorcycle boots, and gloves. In addition, conducting a pre-ride inspection, riding a bike slowly after it has been sitting, and taking corners properly, can help prevent cold tire motorcycle accidents.

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