Today, Californians continue to lead the nation in fitness and exercise, and riding a bicycle is one way to stay healthy. Cycling is not only a great way to get around; it’s good for the environment and easy on the wallet. Sharing the road with motorists, however, can be dangerous and bicycle accidents can result in serious and even fatal injuries.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you deserve just compensation. The bicycle accident attorneys at J&Y help injured cyclists in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Francisco County, Sacramento County and all of California.

Recent Bicycle Accident Settlements

The Los Angeles-based personal injury attorneys of J&Y have a history of getting favorable settlements for their clients. Below are recent examples of settlements received by bicycle accident victims represented by J&Y.

  • $1,500,000.00

Reasons for Bicycle Accidents

Many motorists tend to be unaware of cyclists around them and are careless when making turns or speeding up or slowing down. Although the car may not see any damage, a bicyclist can suffer extreme physical injuries and emotional trauma following a bicycle accident. If you were involved in a bicycle accident with an automobile, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Who is at Fault in a Bicycle Accident

The experienced attorneys at J&Y know that determining liability depends upon whether the driver was negligent in operating the vehicle and caused the accident. In some cases, the cyclist’s negligence may have contributed to the accident. We can help to identify all the factors in an accident to determine who is at fault, or the degree to which each party is at fault, and who is financially responsible.

In California, bicycle accidents are often determined by state and local traffic laws. Both drivers and cyclists must obey these laws and both have a duty to exercise a reasonable amount of care to avoid injuring others. An injured cyclist who pursues a lawsuit to recover damages arising from an accident with an automobile must be able to demonstrate that the driver was negligent. Evidence of negligence includes speeding, running a stop sign, and drifting into a bike lane. A driver who is cited for a traffic violation when the accident occurred may also be deemed negligent.

J&Y Handles Bicycle Accident Cases In Los Angeles and San Diego

At the law firm of J&Y, our experienced bicycle accident attorneys know that each case has a unique set of circumstances. If the automobile driver is not cited for a violation, which constitutes “negligence per se,” then proving your case may come down to eyewitness testimony and other critical evidence. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, identify and interview witnesses, and review police reports to determine whether there is other evidence of the driver’s negligence.

We will negotiate with the insurance company, and if necessary litigate to ensure that you do not suffer financial harm following a bicycle accident. Our objective is to ensure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, call the office of J&Y at (877) 735-7035 and speak to a bicycle accident lawyer today.