Worker suffering after on-the-job injury, laceration injury

A laceration injury is any kind of wound where your skin is cut, torn or punctured. Lacerations can range from small cuts to deep punctures. Laceration injuries can be caused by knives, pieces of broken glass, razor blades, fingernails, and other sharp objects. A laceration injury is a kind of blunt force trauma, meaning that something has to hit you very hard to cause it.

Lacerations are commonly the result of assaults, car accidents, machinery accidents and other workplace incidents. Laceration injuries can be severe enough to warrant stitches or even an amputation. Lacerations and other open wounds always run the risk of infection, and may require a blood transfusion or skin graft to heal properly. Deep lacerations can cause nerve and motor damage. Often, physical therapy is required to bring back full feeling and range of motion to the affected area.

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