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J&Y specializes in burn injury cases. A burn can be caused by heat, harsh chemicals, radiation, electricity, friction or light. Any of these kinds of burns can occur while you’re going about your daily business.

A heat burn can be the result of faulty cooking equipment, unsafe wiring, or food or plates that are too hot when they’re served to you. Chemical burns often occur when your skin comes in contact with cleaning solutions or other items that require adequate protection (gloves, protective eyewear, etc). Many workplaces want their employees to pitch in when it’s time to clean up, but may neglect safety equipment. Friction burns happen when the skin is pulled too hard (like an Indian burn). Light burns are from overexposure to tanning lamps and other sources of light on the UV spectrum.

The severity of a burn injury is traditionally measured by degrees. First-degree burns only involve the first layer of skin (the epidermis). Side effects include redness, white film over the injury, and pain. Second-degree burns cause blistering and usually reach the dermis or even the deep (reticular) dermis. Some nerve damage may occur.

Third-degree burns are characterized by severely damaged skin that reaches the subcutaneous tissue. These burn injuries usually present as charred skin, and often require skin grafts.

There is such a thing as a fourth-degree (and even fifth- and sixth-degree) burn. These are very serious burns that can cause permanent motor damage or require amputation.

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