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Breaking a bone can be painful – both for you and for your wallet. Just calling the ambulance and getting x-rays can run you several thousand dollars. A broken bone injury isn’t something you can let heal on its own. It requires a doctor’s expertise to set the bone, put a cast on, and monitor the injury as it heals. Follow-up visits and physical therapy may also be needed.

A bone injury, or bone fracture, can occur for a variety of reasons. Even a short fall or slip in water can fracture a bone. Elderly people and people with calcium deficiencies are more prone to broken bone injuries.

A broken bone can also cause damage to the surrounding area, such as edema (bleeding) in the tissues around the bone and muscle spasms where the body is trying to hold the break together. Though bones themselves have no pain receptors, breaking a bone can be extremely painful. In addition to emergency medical care, you may require pain medication and physical therapy for pain management.

Some of the most common broken bone injuries are to the arm bones (radius, ulna and humerus), leg bones (tibia, fibula, femur), the spine, the pelvis, scapula (kneecap), and phalanx (fingers and toes).

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