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Traumatic Brain & Head Injury Attorney

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Traumatic brain and head injuries are extremely serious and should be treated with the highest possible level of medical care. If you have undergone a brain and/or head injury, you should immediately see a doctor, even if you don’t have any symptoms. Side effects and symptoms of head and brain injuries can show up a long time after the initial accident.

Types of brain and head injuries include things like concussions, brain damage, lightning strikes, electrical shocks, and any trauma or direct hit to the head area. Head injuries can range (bump on the head) from mild to moderate to severe or acute (such as a concussion resulting in a coma).

Head and brain injuries require a lot of medical attention. Diagnosing a brain injury can be tricky, and may require x-rays, MRIs, PET scans, or other expensive tests. The cure may require stitches, sutures, surgery or other invasive, unpleasant and costly procedures.

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Any level of brain damage can have serious mental and/or physical repercussions. If you have suffered a brain or head injury, contact J&Y Law Firm for more information about your options. J&Y assists people across California including Los Angeles and San Diego.

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