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If you were injured in a way that required amputation, you are almost certainly entitled to compensation. Losing a limb – or even a finger or toe – greatly affects your quality of life. In most cases, you shouldn’t be able to get near anything that could cause that significant of an injury.

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Even if doctors were able to reattach your limb or provide a prosthetic, losing it counts as an amputation injury. Amputation is an extremely serious medical procedure that affects your entire life. Everyday activities like walking, using a computer, cooking, and caring for yourself are hindered if you are missing a limb. Missing fingers can affect your work, and missing toes can negatively impact your balance and your ability to move around or do physical things you once enjoyed. If you have lost a limb through no fault of your own, the responsible party should be brought to justice.
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Common Amputation Injuries:

  • Limbs lost in a car accident
  • Amputations due to faulty or unsafe equipment
  • Limbs lost because of someone else’s negligence
  • Bites severe enough to necessitate amputation of a finger or limb
  • Cuts or scrapes that become infected and required removal
  • Negligent medical care that necessitated removal

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