Having never met Mr. Javaheri before, we had no idea what to expect. But we soon discovered that he was genuinely interested in helping us and trustworthy.

My wife and son, Rosa and Christopher had been rear ended in a car accident on Jan 15, 2010. Our attempts to deal with the insurance adjuster on our own proved frustrating and it soon became clear that they were not going to help to recover our damages. To minimize their losses, that was the extent of their concern.

Our attorney demonstrated that he cared about what had happened to my wife and son.  He arranged for the doctors and specialists that we needed to see and handled all the legal aspects of our claim. We didn’t have to talk to anymore uncaring insurance adjusters anymore. All of that he handled. It took a little while from beginning to end but the results were well worth waiting for. Both my wife and son feel that he got them the medical help they needed and even the help they had not expected such as the neurologist and compensation for pain and suffering.

The communication between him and us was excellent especially since he responded to all of our e-mails promptly. All of our questions that we had he addressed.

In conclusion, both my wife and son who suffered the car accident are doing well. They agree that Jason is a good attorney, would recommend him to others, and would contact him again if God forbid, they were involved in another accident.


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