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This is the real story of a how a great lawyer can get justice for you when there is no hope. We see in the movies how a miracle happens in a helpless person’s life through another person when there is no hope, and I would proudly say exactly that happened to my parents life with attorney Yosi Yahoudai in J&Y. I have to go back a few years, it was November 2009 when my dad was a 56 year old working class immigrant who was working two jobs to support my mom and himself. He got into car accident with an eight wheeler truck without any witness. The truck companies insurance holder was one of the leading insurance companies in the country, while my dad had car insurance with a small company. More importantly, he had a lapse in health insurance. Even though his car was hardly damaged and there was no air bag involved, he still had heart attack complicated by a stroke after fearing that the truck was going to crush him. From his stroke he was was unable to talk and was paralyzed. My mom didn’t know how to speak English and was very dependent on my dad, so she became financially and emotionally hurt, so I became my parents voice! I was determined to find a good lawyer, so we hired a 30 year experienced well known law firm to handle my dad’s case. But unfortunately, as soon the police report was not clear cut for my dad’s side, the law firm decided to drop the case after one year with tons of false hopes. I contacted lots of other big law firms but nobody would touch the case because it was a very expensive and complicated case. He had over $300k hospital bills and only social security to live on. We lost hope for the case. That time I was referred to Yosi Yahoudai as an attorney. First, I was skeptical about him if could he could do anything when a more experienced law firm couldn’t do anything. But I have to say how glad I was that I was wrong! Mr. Yosi Yahoudai not only got justice for the case less than a year later, but also helped them with settlement with the medical bills. He was truly God sent. Mr. Yosi Yahoudai did a miracle with his hard work that nobody thought would be possible. Most important he was so pleasant to deal with, and he gave my parents a new life. I wish all the luck to him, and we know we couldn’t have asked for a better attorney for my dad then Mr. Yosi Yahoudai. We know he will be one of the top lawyers in the country in the near future with his dedication and hard work. Our blessings are with him for helping two older financially broken people who got justice only because of him!

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