I was injured as the result of a trip and fall accident. After 13 months of dental and orthodontic treatment, I began negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement. I soon realized they had no intention of paying me what I asked, an amount I believed to be reasonable. Neither desiring nor capable of pursuing the issue on my own, I engaged Yosi to act on my behalf.

I was impressed with Yosi’s quick and accurate analysis of my case, the nature of my recovery and his reassuring manner as he initiated the process of moving my case to conclusion. And he put together a great team – his staff were knowledgeable, focused and it was easy working with all of them.

I am very satisfied with the work that Yosi did for me and the manner in which he did it. As my case progressed to settlement, I was pleased to discover that Yosi has high standards of professionalism, sincere empathy for clients, valuing all aspects of their experience, and, in the end, a well developed ability to extract justice through personal injury law

Kathryn Y.

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