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Dear Mr Javaheri,

As you know, I was severely injured in a rear-end collision on Sept. 16th, 2009. The car behind me was travelling at full speed on the 5 Freeway and hit me as I had just stopped because the traffic in front of me had stopped. When I looked in my rearview mirror, I could see the other driver not paying attention and she proceeded to smash into me at full speed. I was dazed, confused and somewhat in shock. I went to the emergency hospital and was examined, stabilized and medicated. I suffered two disc herniations in my neck and four disc herniations in my lower back. I later received 4 epidural injections that were recommended by the orthopedic surgeon you recommended.

I had never been in pain like this and I didn’t know or was even clear headed enough to know what to do. Fortunately, a friend strongly suggested I contact you and that you would be able to help me. If you recall,  I could barely hold my head up when we met and I was very depressed about my condition and situation. I remember you were very sympathetic and clear in how you could help me and how you would approach the situation. You said you would get me the best medical attention and that you would settle for the maximum policy limits, which was very reassuring and gave me hope. You then went on to negotiate with the insurance companies, theirs and mine, to ensure I received the best settlements possible. You did that and I am grateful to you. You were also able to negotiate with the doctors for better rates and that really helped the final settlement total.

Not only were you caring and sympathetic in the beginning, you were always there for me through all of my medical treatments. You were constantly concerned about my condition and would not hesitate to get me the proper care.

I appreciate my case was especially difficult because the other party was underinsured and that you had to deal with my insurance company under my uninsured motorists policy. You obtained the maximum settlements from both companies for me without having to file a lawsuit. You always told me not to worry, that you would handle everything, and you did.

You are a skilled communicator not only in your meetings with me but also in your written communications. You promptly responded to every email with a clear answer and a sympathetic ear.

Although I will never fully recover, it’s just not possible, I want to thank you for getting me back to as normal as possible. You were the bright light in my dark nightmare. What is really most amazing is that even after the case was settled, you have continued to monitor my recovery. Your concern for me is very genuine and extremely appreciated.

Thank you for being an outstanding attorney as well as a friend.

Best regards,

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