My name is Valeska Gutierrez Carmona and I was recently hired as a Document Retrieval Specialist, also known as a Records Clerk, at J&Y Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA. In this role, I am responsible for requesting our clients’ medical records from the clinics where they received treatment, filling out any applicable health insurance liens or police reports. It is crucial that I follow up on these requests in a timely manner to ensure we obtain all necessary documentation as soon as possible for each case. I also ensure that the documents are properly filed in the appropriate folders to keep our records well-organized and easily accessible for our case managers and staff.

One of my proudest professional achievements to date has been successfully managing all of my assigned tasks while continuously striving to improve. Adapting to a new position can be challenging, but knowing that I am performing at my highest level is very rewarding.

I enjoy collaborating with my team and believe that through open communication, we can share our knowledge and expertise to better align our work processes. This helps ensure we are all providing the highest quality service to the company. As a persevering and organized individual, I am able to complete my tasks efficiently and meet the deadlines I set for myself.

Outside of work, I dedicate my time to my two children, as their hobbies have become my own. I find great joy in supporting them through each life stage, being present in their daily lives, and guiding them to become responsible, caring individuals. In my personal time, I also enjoy visiting natural areas where I can relax and recharge.