As a case manager at J&Y Law Firm, it is my responsibility to analyze all aspects of potential personal injury claims, including liability, medical records, and overall case viability. I communicate regularly with all involved parties, such as clients, police departments, medical providers, and others, to properly assess both the property damage and bodily injury components of each claim.

In 2022, I attended and participated in several seminar tracks hosted by TBI Med legal to further develop my expertise in claims evaluation and negotiation. Constantly pursuing new learning opportunities has been critical to my development as a seasoned professional in this field. For over five years now, I have dedicated myself to gaining in-depth understanding of injuries, insurance processes, and civil litigation through independent research and professional development courses. This focused approach to lifelong learning has served me well in my ability to competently manage claims of all sizes and complexity.

When not working, I enjoy participating in combat sports like MMA and soccer. I also find relaxation through spending quality time with my dog, Kuma. Looking ahead, I am currently preparing to take the LSAT as I plan to apply for law school in the near future. My ultimate goal is to leverage my claims experience into a legal career focused on personal injury law.

Final Note: My commitment to your personal injury case extends beyond professional responsibility; it reflects a personal dedication to your well-being. Clients whom I work with can rest assured knowing that I’m approaching their case as if it were my own.