My name is Sandra and I serve as the Intake Manager, Salesforce Administrator, and Settlement Release Assistant for J&Y Law Firm in Los Angeles, California. I have over four years of experience managing our client communication and customer service. My primary goals are to promote effective engagement, provide superior customer support, and ensure a streamlined system for colleagues to track case progress.

Previously, I held hospitality and law enforcement roles for over 15 years before transitioning to the legal field. I aim to leverage my experience in client services, operations management, and public service to assist all clients to the best of my abilities. My background has prepared me well to understand each person’s needs and priorities.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality moments with my pets and exploring new destinations. Winter is my favorite season as I find the cooler weather most relaxing. So far I have visited ten states across the country, and I hope to see all 50 within the next few years. Continuous learning and new experiences are highly meaningful to me.