I am Melanie, currently serving as a Litigation Records Clerk at J&Y. In this role, I provide vital support services to assist our legal team in effectively managing case files and documentation. My primary responsibilities include collecting pertinent records and billing documents, organizing client files to ensure all necessary materials are properly accounted for and easily accessible, and maintaining overall file organization so that our attorneys have everything they need well in order.

One of my professional accomplishments since joining the firm has been successfully transitioning my work from pre-litigation support to full-fledged litigation assistance. This allowed me to expand my skills and take on additional responsibilities critical to supporting our litigation attorneys. I take pride in bringing a strong work ethic, diligent approach, and constant drive to learn new skills to my job every day.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. In my free time, I dream of future travel opportunities, with Egypt at the top of my travel destination wish list due to its rich history and culture. I look forward to continuing growing in my career here while also pursuing personal goals and adventures.