As a Case Manager, I help clients navigate the complex process of property damage and injury claims. I serve as a liaison, connecting clients with medical providers who have years of experience treating injuries from automobile accidents, slips and falls, and dog bites.

Throughout my career in personal injury, I have successfully obtained millions of dollars in settlements for my clients, ensuring they receive the maximum compensation for injuries sustained and losses incurred.

At the core of my work is a commitment to serving others during difficult times. When insurance companies resist responsibility, I advocate tirelessly for my clients to ensure they receive every benefit owed. The well-being of those I represent is my top priority.

Beyond my professional duties, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, cultivating relationships that have lasted for years. On weekends, I love watching football games. As a long-time fan of the San Francisco 49ers since childhood, I look forward to cheering them on each season. I enjoy reading widely and dabbling in music. I have played guitar for over 20 years, finding it a relaxing creative outlet.

With diverse tastes, I appreciate all genres but am especially drawn to alternative rock. Nothing beats playing along to my favorite songs. I also love discovering new places through travel whenever possible.