My name is Adeline and I serve as the File Opener here at J&Y. In this role, one of my primary responsibilities is ensuring that all necessary paperwork and documentation related to new client cases are promptly and accurately inputted into our system upon receipt. This allows our case managers to immediately begin working to assist clients as soon as their files have been opened.

The filing process begins with creating a new client profile within our database using the information provided. From there, I work to obtain any missing documentation while also contacting the relevant insurance carriers to submit the necessary claims on behalf of our clients. Organizing paperwork and initiating insurance filings are crucial first steps to set our clients on a path to receiving the support and services they require.

Beyond facilitating the initial intake of new cases, I find my work personally fulfilling as it allows me to help those who may lack the ability or means to effectively advocate for themselves during challenging times. Providing compassionate assistance from the earliest stages of engagement is rewarding. Outside of my professional responsibilities, I also enjoy creative writing and producing short stories and poetry in my spare time.