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If an Uber driver has sexually assaulted you or a family member, it is crucial to know your rights. With the help of a dedicated Uber sexual assault attorney, you can hold the driver and Uber accountable and obtain just compensation.

At J&Y Law, we pursue personal injury claims on behalf of Uber passengers who have been victims of sexual assault. While Uber boasts safe and convenient rideshare services, thousands of passengers have reported sexual assaults. If you have been the victim of a sexual assault while traveling as an Uber passenger, you may be frightened and not know where to turn.

You can trust our legal team to handle your case with the care and personal attention it deserves and protect your rights. When you meet with us, you will find a secure environment where you can make choices about the next steps. We understand that this is traumatic and will provide you with compassionate representation during this difficult time. Contact us today to discuss your case in confidence.

Reasons For Uber Sexual Assaults

Several factors contribute to sexual assaults of Uber passengers, including:

  • Limited background checks – Although Uber conducts criminal background checks, the company does not fingerprint or drug test driver applicants.
  • Lack of training – Uber drivers only need to be licensed for one year at the time of hire and receive no formal training about sexual misconduct.
  • Fake driver accounts – Perpetrators have created false driver accounts partly because of inadequate screening by Uber.

Despite these factors, sexual assault is a criminal offense, and Uber drivers must be held accountable for their illegal and egregious behavior. If you have been the victim of an assault, call 911 immediately and report the incident to Uber through the rideshare app. Uber must keep their passengers safe and may be liable for allowing predators to drive for them. 

Sexual Assaults Reported To Uber

According to Uber’s most recent Safety Report, there were 3,824 sexual assaults reported from 2019 to 2020, a 38% decrease compared to the 5,981 incidents reported from 2017-2018. The allegations included:

  • Non-consensual sexual penetration 
  • Attempted non-consensual sexual penetration
  • Non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part
  • Non-consensual touching of a sexual body part
  • Non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part

Although the number of incidents fell since the company’s first report was issued and sexual assaults occurred in a small percentage of the total number of Uber rides each year, one assault is too many. If you or someone you love suffered a sexual assault on an Uber trip, you deserve just compensation. 

Let our attorneys handle your claim so you can focus on healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We take a zero-tolerance approach to these claims and will work to hold the perpetrator and Uber accountable. Though you may be reluctant to come forward and take legal action, it’s the best way to protect your rights, restore your dignity, and prevent others from being victimized. 

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault involves any sexual contact by another without consent. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) reports that hundreds of thousands of adults are victims of sexual assault each year, including Uber passengers. Forms of sexual assault include:

  • Forcible penetration of the victim’s body (rape)
  • Attempted rape
  • Unwanted sexual touching (fondling)
  • Forcing a victim to take part in sexual acts

Women are more at risk than men. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that almost 1 in 5 women has experienced rape or attempted rape in their lifetime, while only 1 in 38 men acknowledges being assaulted. Sexual assault is a heinous offense that can impact anyone, regardless of the victim’s gender or sexual identity. 

Who Is Responsible For Uber Sexual Assault? 

The Uber driver may be held directly liable for sexual assault. Depending on the circumstances, Uber may also be held liable for: 

  • Negligent hiring
  • Negligent supervision
  • Negligent retention
  • Negligent infliction of emotional distress

You should know that the perpetrator does not need to be convicted for you to pursue an Uber sexual assault claim. Also, the burden of proof is lower in a civil case than in a criminal case where the defendant must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, it is only necessary to show that it is more likely than not based on a preponderance of the evidence that the assailant assaulted the victim. 

Representing Uber Sexual Assault Victims

The Uber sexual assault attorneys at J&Y Law will help you pursue a civil injury claim regardless of the outcome of any criminal proceedings. You can trust us to handle all the details of your claim, hold the driver and Uber liable, and fight the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys will:

  • Investigate the Uber sexual assault incident
  • Obtain and review the police report
  • Interview any witnesses, including the alleged assailant
  • Obtain records of the complaint from Uber
  • Subpoena the Uber driver’s app, GPS device, and onboard video surveillance

We will first work to negotiate a settlement with Uber and its attorneys and demand full payment of your claim. If the tech giant fails to bargain in good faith or attempts to avoid liability, we will file a personal injury lawsuit. We are committed to getting you the maximum compensation you deserve, whether through negotiation or litigation. 

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