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As Lyft continues to disrupt the on-demand transportation market in its home state of California, rideshare accidents are becoming increasingly common. Nonetheless, a Lyft driver is required to operate their vehicle in a safe manner and avoid causing injuries to other motorists. If you have been injured in a collision with a Lyft vehicle, it is critically important to know your rights.

At J&Y Law, our Los Angeles ridesharing accident attorney believes that Lyft and its drivers must be held accountable for accidents that cause injuries to other motorists. Well-versed in the complicated insurance laws governing rideshare services, we have the knowledge and skill that are essential for achieving successful outcomes in Lyft accident claims. When you become our client, we will provide you with aggressive legal representation and fight for your right to meaningful compensation.

Why is Lyft So Popular?

The main reason for Lyft’s appeal is that hailing a ride is simple and convenient. Consumers simply download the app onto their smartphone, sign up for the service and connect with a Lyft driver. Unlike traditional taxis, Lyft vehicles are typically newer and cleaner, and Lyft drivers are independent contractors who set their own hours and schedules. However, Lyft often encourages drivers to roam when they are not actually providing a ride to ensure that customers have quick access to a ride on demand. In any event, with more Lyft drivers on the road, the motor vehicle accident rate has risen.

Who is liable if a Lyft driver causes a motor vehicle accident?

California is a fault state for insurance purposes. This means that to have a valid claim, the Lyft driver must be found responsible for the accident. In addition, coverage depends on whether Lyft driver was:

  • Connected to the app
  • Enroute to pick up a passenger
  • Taking a passenger to his or her destination

If the Lyft driver’s app was off, his or her automobile insurance is intended to be the primary coverage (which must meet the state’s minimum required coverage). If the app was on but the Lyft driver was not connected to a passenger, the driver must have coverage above the minimum required amount, and Lyft is also required to provide an additional $200,000 in liability coverage. Once the Lyft driver is transporting a passenger, however, Lyft must carry a mandatory minimum of $1 million in automobile insurance, and this will be the primary coverage for damages.

In any event, rideshare accident claims can be complicated because Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees of the company. In some cases, it may be necessary to look to both Lyft and the driver’s policy for coverage. In addition, determining liability in a Lyft accident can be even more difficult when other drivers are involved. Finally, it is important to remember that the rules of comparative negligence apply to Lyft accident claims. Therefore, if you were partially responsible for causing the accident, the amount of any award will be reduced by the percentage of liability assigned to you. If, for example, the total amount of your damages was $10,000, but you were judged to be 20 percent at fault, the final amount awarded to you will be $8,000.

The best way to protect your interests in light of these complications is to work with the Lyft accident attorneys at J&Y Law. We will take the time to explain all of your rights, determine the extent of the Lyft driver’s liability, and explore all of your options for obtaining compensation. Whether we pursue a claim against Lyft, the rideshare driver, another at-fault motorist, or multiple parties, we will work to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

What damages are available in a Lyft accident?

Generally, there are two types of damages available in an injury claim arising from a Lyft accident — economic damages and non-economic damages. As the name implies, economic damages are designed to cover financial losses, which includes lost wages, medical expenses, and loss of earning capacity. On the other hand, non-economic damages cover losses that cannot be quantified, such as pain and suffering, permanent disability or disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Lyft Accident Attorneys Serving Northern and Southern California

Although Lyft provides the public with a cheaper alternative to taxis, more Lyft drivers on the road invariably mean more traffic accidents are likely. Nonetheless, Lyft and its drivers owe other motorists a duty of care and must be held accountable for accidents that result in injuries.
Backed by a proven history of success in car accident claims, J&Y Law is currently handling Lyft accident cases. Our attorneys will leverage their knowledge and skill to make sure that you get every dollar you deserve. While we prefer to reach negotiated settlements, we are fully prepared to litigate any injury claim.

Innovation is propelling society in many ways, however, the technology underlying rideshare services haven’t eliminated motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in a collision with a Lyft driver, don’t go it alone. Contact J&Y Law today. The consultation is free and you will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we win you compensation.