Los Angeles Uber Accident Broken Bone Injuries

If you have suffered a broken bone injury in an Uber accident, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. The best way to protect your rights is to consult with the personal injury attorneys at J&Y. We are highly experienced in handling accident claims and will provide you with powerful representation when you need it most.

Although broken bones are common in car accidents, a serious fracture can prevent you from working and performing daily activities. Who will compensate you for your lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses? While Uber accident claims can often be settled through settlement negotiations with an insurance company, obtaining the full value of your claim can be challenging.

When you become our client, we will handle all the details of your claim and fight tirelessly for your rights. At J&Y, we handle all injury claims on a contingency basis, which means you will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we recover for you. Contact our office today for a free consultation. 

How do Uber accidents result in broken bone injuries?

Broken bones can occur when the violent force of the collision is absorbed by the body, or when vehicle occupants are thrown back and forth, ejected from the vehicle, or struck by flying debris. Although any bone can be broken in an Uber accident, bones that are susceptible to fractures include: 

  • Vertebrae in the spine
  • Neckbones
  • Thighbone (femur)
  • Collarbone
  • Pelvis
  • Ribs
  • Ankles
  • Bones in the sternum
  • Bones in the neck or skull

Depending on the injury, the affected bones may need to be immobilized (e.g. casts), and severe fractures may require orthopedic surgery. Fractures may also require rehabilitation and physical therapy to promote healing and victims of broken bone injuries are typically prescribed pain medications. 

Though many victims of broken bone injuries fully recover in time, a severe fracture may never heal properly, resulting in permanent disability. This is why it is crucial to work with an aggressive personal injury attorney who will fight for every dollar you deserve. 

What To Do After a Broken Bone Injury Caused By an Uber Accident

As with any car accident, you should seek medical treatment even if you feel fine. While some fractures may be difficult to detect, X-rays, MRIs, and other tests will determine whether you have broken bones. Delaying medical treatment can result in worsening injuries and have a negative impact on your personal injury claim. Ultimately, your Uber accident case requires strong medical evidence.

In addition, if you are able, take pictures of any damage to the vehicles and the accident scene, as well as your injuries, and collect the names and contact information of any witnesses. The experienced injury attorneys at J&Y will rely on this evidence to support your claim. We will also conduct an extensive investigation to determine the cause of the accident that resulted in your injuries.

Why Choose J&Y Law

While car accident cases are typically resolved through negotiations with an insurance company, Uber accidents involve complicated insurance rules. Depending on the circumstances, your claim may be with the insurer for Uber, the driver, or a third party. Our legal team will handle all communications with the insurance companies and make sure you are treated fairly. 

Although insurers often attempt to deny claims or pay as little as possible, we will insist on the full value of your claim; and we are prepared to litigate to obtain the best possible outcome. Trust J&Y to always work in your best interests and fight for your rights. 

Damages You Can Recover in an Uber Accident

While no two injury claims are the same, you may be entitled to compensation that includes economic and non-economic damages:

  • Economic damages cover lost wages (past and future), medical expenses, and similar financial losses
  • Noneconomic damages are designed to compensate you for intangible losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent disability, and loss of enjoyment of life

Whether you were injured as an Uber passenger or the occupant of another vehicle that was struck by a Uber driver, we have the skills and experience to work through the complex insurance rules and will see to it that you are treated fairly. 

Contact Our Experienced California Uber Accident Attorneys

Uber has become a popular means of travel for many Californians, but with so many vehicles on the roads and highways, accidents are becoming increasingly common. If you have sustained broken bone injuries in an Uber accident, don’t go up against the tech giant and the insurance companies alone. Turn to J&Y Law instead. We will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve, in or out of the courtroom.  Contact us today so we can start working on your Uber accident claim.