Los Angeles E-Cigarette Explosion Lawyer

electronic cigarettes can sometimes explode At first, e-cigarettes appeared to be a pathway to quitting smoking, or at least a less toxic form or indulging in an unhealthy habit. As further evidence has shown that e-cigarettes may lead to cigarette smoking instead of away from it, and the unhealthy aspects of vaping start to clarify, the subject has become more controversial. Even worse, incidents of an e-cigarette explosion and causing injuries have started to occur.

How An E-Cigarette Explosion Happens In Los Angeles

The lithium-ion batteries that power the vaping devices are at the root of the problem. As a matter of fact, the safety record of lithium-ion batteries has been called into question in other circumstances; such batteries have been increasingly associated with fires affecting laptops, hoverboards and cell phones.

Vaping has now put individuals who vape at risk of severe injuries, all the more dangerous because the accidents occur with no warning and take place in the region of the face. Incidents of e-cigarette explosions are tied to unexpected overheating of the battery. When the heating is extreme, a flammable portion of the battery ignites, resulting in a chain reaction that leads to an explosion. There are several reasons the battery may overheat, such as a short circuit due to a manufacturing defect or external damage, such as a punctured cell. In any case, the e-cigarette manufacturer is responsible for the explosion.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In Los Angeles

If you are injured by an e-cigarette explosion, the shock and pain of the event may keep you from focusing on obtaining fair redress. This is when it’s crucial to have an experienced and talented product liability attorney at your side. At J&Y we are fully prepared to take over all legal aspects of your case — investigating, procuring expert witnesses, negotiating a settlement and, if necessary, litigating. We are ready to represent you and provide you with the compensation you deserve while you concentrate on healing. When you come to J&Y you are assured not only of efficiency and expertise, but of personal concern and compassion as well.