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Burned 250V uk style socket and converter. Improper use of AC Power Plugs and Sockets cause of short circuit and fires at home, defective products

In spite of the fact that we live in the United States, a nation that is known for its relatively high product standards for food, pharmaceuticals, children’s toys, electronics, and other products, we are all aware of the frightening frequency of defective product injuries and product recalls. Everything from automobiles to high chairs to contaminated vegetables has at one time or another made its way into national headlines as a source of illness, injury, or death. Although protective federal, state, and local agencies, such as the FDA or USDA are in place, it is painfully apparent that we can never fully trust manufacturers, farming techniques, or government regulations to keep us and our loved ones completely safe. When personal injuries occur as a result of defective products, individuals turn to skilled, experienced product liability attorneys for advice and support. At J&Y, our professional staff is dedicated to obtaining just recompense for all of our clients by fighting vigorously for them and their families whether they have suffered a burn from a defective stove, salmonella from contaminated foodstuff, or wrongful death because of improperly designed construction equipment.

The Importance of Hiring A Product Liability Attorney

In the vast majority of cases, manufacturers and distributors not only have considerably more money at their disposal than the victims harmed by their defective merchandise, these companies usually have a team of experienced attorneys to fight any potential liability lawsuits. For these reasons, it is essential that the individuals who have suffered personal injury engage the services of highly capable product liability attorneys to guide them through the legal complexities of the case. Fighting against a large company with deep pockets can be difficult and time-consuming, not to mention incredibly stressful. Why not let J&Y Law Corporation take over the legal aspects of your case? This will allow you and your loved ones to focus on healing, physically, financially, and emotionally, from the trauma, you have undergone.

Whether you or a family member has suffered as a result of a defective product, you are entitled to compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering; our dedicated lawyers at J& Y will see to it that you receive it. Once you have arranged for the best possible medical care, you should contact us toll-free at 888.806.6722. Remember, at J&Y you will never be asked to pay a fee upfront. We only receive a payment when we win your case or make a positive settlement.

Defective Product Types You May Encounter

Your product liability injury may result from a design defect, a manufacturing flaw, or false marketing. No matter at what stage of product development the defect occurs, you deserve compensation. Examples of product defects are not hard to find. There were the rear-mounted gas tanks that caused numerous explosions in rear-end vehicular collisions, the cribs sides that collapsed killing numerous infants, and the tremendous number of cases of mesothelioma that resulted from asbestos exposure. A recent example of a serious product defect is the explosion of e-cigarettes that caused many individuals serious injuries.

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