police responding to the scene of a passenger injured in a motorcycle accidentRiding on the back of a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience — until a collision occurs. Whether the operator was responsible for the accident or the driver of another vehicle caused the crash, motorcycle passengers can sustain devastating injuries. If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle that another person was operating, you need an experienced personal injury attorney by your side.

J&Y Law has a proven track record of fighting for the rights of injured motorcycle passengers in Northern and Southern California. We know how to hold responsible parties accountable and will work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Because we handle all motorcycle accident cases on a contingency basis, you will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we win damages for you.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Passenger Accident Claims

Motorcycle passenger injuries may be caused when the operator loses control of the motorcycle or in a collision with a negligent or reckless vehicle driver. Common passenger injuries include broken bones and fractures, facial injuries and scarring, road rash and traumatic brain injuries. Motorcycle passengers are also at a high risk of being thrown from the bike, which can result in catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

If you have sustained a motorcycle passenger injury, the attorneys at J&Y Law will explain all of your legal rights and options for obtaining compensation. We understand the unique challenges these cases present, particularly when the motorcycle was being operated by a friend or a family member. Nonetheless, we believe that injured motorcycle passengers have a right to recover damages, regardless of who is responsible for the accident.

We will thoroughly assess the facts of your case to determine who was at fault. If another vehicle driver was responsible for the accident, we may file a third-party claim on your behalf against his or her insurance company. On the other hand, it may be necessary to pursue a claim against the motorcycle operator if he or she caused or contributed to the accident.

It is important to note that California’s laws of comparative negligence apply in cases in which more than one party is legally responsible for an accident. This means that the actions of the operator and another vehicle driver may come into play, each of whom may share responsibility for the accident. In this situation, we can pursue a claim against the insurers of both parties. In any event, we will work to help you recover damages for the physical, emotional and financial harm you have sustained.

At the same time, we know that insurers often attempt to settle motorcycle passenger injury claims for as little money as possible. We will leverage our legal knowledge and negotiating skills to make sure the insurance company pays the full value of your claim. If the insurer fails to make a fair and reasonable offer, we are prepared to litigate the matter in court.

California Motorcycle Passenger Laws

Under the California Vehicle Code, it is unlawful to carry a passenger on a motorcycle unless it has a securely fastened seat or an attached sidecar designed for carrying passengers. The motorcycle must also be equipped with footrests, and passengers are required to keep their feet on the footrests at all times while traveling on the bike. Additionally, all motorcycle riders and passengers are required to wear a helmet that adheres to state requirements.

It is worth noting that a motorcycle operator who carries a passenger in violation of these laws may be held partially at fault for an accident that causes injuries to a passenger. Similarly, a passenger who fails to wear a helmet or is not seated properly on the motorcycle may also be partially responsible for his or her own injuries. In this situation, the amount of any damages awarded will be reduced by the percentage of fault that is assigned to the injured passenger.

Why Call J&Y Law for Your Motorcycle Passenger Injury

Besides dealing with lost wages and mounting medical expenses, many injured motorcycle passengers require ongoing care, which can be an emotional and financial burden. J&Y Law is here to lift that burden through a combination of knowledge, compassion and an exceptional personal service. Our legal team will handle all the details of the case, act as your point of contact with the insurance company, thoroughly document your injuries, and gather any additional evidence. If necessary, we will call upon accident reconstruction specialists to build a successful claim. Above all, we will fight for your right to meaningful compensation so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Call our office today or complete the convenient online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

J&Y Law represents injured motorcycle passengers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Francisco County, Sacramento County and all of Northern and Southern California.