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There are countless dangers on construction sites, some of which involve power tools. Equipment defects, improper use, and negligent supervision are common causes of hand and power tool injuries. If you have suffered a power tool injury in California, turn to J&Y Law.

Though work-related injuries in California are covered by workers’ compensation, you may have a valid claim against your employer or supervisor for safety violations. If you were injured by defective equipment, you may have a third-party claim against the power tool manufacturer.

Our experienced construction accident lawyers will conduct an extensive investigation and demand the compensation you need and deserve. We offer free consultations and you will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we recover for you. Please contact our office today so we can get to work on your power tool injury case.

Common Types of Hand and Power Tool Injuries on Construction Sites

Construction workers must be able to trust the power tools provided by their employers. Toward this end, various types of equipment require safeguards during use; power tools must also be properly maintained. Additionally, employers have a responsibility to adequately train their workers on the safe use of hand and power tools. 

When these conditions are not met, construction workers can suffer broken bones, loss of an eye, and other life-altering injuries. The most common types of hand and power tool injuries on construction sites in California involve:

  • SawsTable saws, chain saws, reciprocating saws, and hand-held power saws require extensive training to prevent injuries. Power saws must be safeguarded with automatic shut off controls while blades and other parts must be inspected regularly for defects.
  • Nail guns — Defective nail or staple guns can impale a worker’s hand, foot, or limbs while an accidental discharge may cause the loss of an eye.
  • Drills — Hand-held drills must be equipped with switches that shut off power when pressure is released to prevent lacerations and puncture injuries.
  • Hand-held sanders — Power sanders can spray sawdust and other particles into a construction worker’s eyes and lungs, resulting in vision loss and respiratory illnesses.
  • Spray guns — Power tools that atomize paints and other coating materials (acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, varnish) must be used with respirators and eye protection to prevent injuries.
  • Grinding and polishing toolsPortable grinders and buffers pose a danger of flying particle injuries if workers fail to use protective eyewear (e.g. goggles), as well as severe abrasions if the tool’s guard has been modified or removed.
  • Electrical components — Electrical or battery-operated power tools that are not properly used or maintained can burn, shock or electrocute the operator.

At J&Y, we leverage our skills and resources to investigate construction accidents involving hand and power tools. We will work to collect the necessary evidence — photos, witness statements, medical reports — to build a successful claim. Above all, we will fight to win you the maximum compensation you deserve. 

What causes these accidents?

Despite OSHA guidelines for the safe use of hand and power tools, common causes of tool accidents, include:

  • Improper training — All construction workers must be provided with training on power tool safety and proper usage.
  • Improper usage — Power tools must be used with proper safeguards to prevent injury to the operator and workers nearby. 
  • Failing to lockout unsafe tools — OSHA regulations specifically require employers to implement lockdown and tag procedures to ensure that power tools, such as concrete saws and drill presses, are properly shut down to prevent worker injuries. 
  • Defective equipment — Workers who have been injured by defective hand and power tools can hold the manufacturer and distributor accountable through a product liability lawsuit.  

You should know that employers face civil penalties for injuries caused by OSHA violations. You also have a right to take legal action to obtain compensation for your injuries. That’s where J&Y Law comes in. 

Depending on the circumstances of your accident,  a number of parties can be held responsible for the workplace conditions or defective hand and power tool that caused your injury, including site owners, contractors, supervisors and third parties such as tool vendors and manufacturers. 

While many power tool injury claims can be resolved through detailed and intricate negotiations with insurance companies, we know that insurers look to protect their profits by attempting to settle for as little as possible. You can count on our aggressive power tool injury lawyers to demand the full value of your claim.

At J&Y, we will pursue all avenues to recover damages that consider all of your future medical and financial needs. If the insurance company fails to make a fair and reasonable settlement offer, our trial lawyers are fully equipped to litigate. Rest assured, we have the skills and determination to win you just compensation inside or outside of the courtroom.

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