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Los Angeles Weather-Related Car Accident Attorneys

Thousands of individuals are injured in weather-related accidents each year. Regardless of how safely you drive, bad weather significantly increases the risk of being involved in a car accident. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), about 22 percent of motor vehicle accidents that occur annually are weather related. Proving negligence in a weather-related accident is complicated, however, which makes having proper legal representation crucial.

J&Y Law Firm is one of the premier personal injury law firms serving clients in Northern and Southern California. Our legal team has a well-deserved reputation for being dedicated advocates of injury victims. If you were involved in a weather-related car accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

What is a weather-related accident?

A weather-related accident is defined as one that occurs in adverse weather. This includes rain, sleet, snow, fog, and heavy winds. Weather-related accidents also involve hazardous conditions such as blowing snow, sand or debris, or slick pavement. The majority of weather-related accidents occur on wet roads following a rain storm. FHWA statistics show that 73 percent of these accidents involve wet pavement and 46 percent occur during rainfall. Other weather conditions that contribute to accidents include snow or sleet (17 percent), icy roads (13 percent), and fog (3 percent).

How Weather Conditions Impact Mobility

Bad weather affects road conditions and travel in a number of ways, and drivers may encounter the following mobility problems:

  • Roadway capacity may be decreased due to factors such as flooding, debris blown onto roads by high winds, or road closures due to hazardous conditions.
  • On arterial roadways, defined as high capacity urban roads, the timing of traffic signals may be disrupted, resulting in long delays.
  • Speed reductions on freeways are often required due to rain, fog, and snow.

Types of Weather Related Hazards

Inclement weather is a contributing factor in many vehicle collisions and road conditions in Northern and Southern California can vary greatly. Drivers face a wide range of weather-related hazards, such as limited visibility. Heavy rain significantly reduces visibility, making it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles. Impediments may also suddenly appear before drivers have time to react, leading to a collision. In addition, rain storms can make roads slippery and difficult to navigate.

At higher elevations, roads that appear clear may be coated with a thin layer of ice when wet surfaces freeze as the temperature drops. Ice may also be hidden by a fresh layer of snow, making roads are extremely slippery and difficult to navigate. Another hazard is freezing rain which occurs when rain freezes after contacting cold surfaces, such as windshields and roads. This is a dangerous combination that increases the risk of car accidents.

Proving Negligence in a Weather-Related Car Accident

Although inclement weather makes driving conditions dangerous, the at-fault driver may still be held liable. Despite such hazards, drivers still have a duty of care not to injure others while operating a motor vehicle. They also have a responsibility to take the necessary precautions during bad weather conditions.

First, drivers must proceed with caution. They are also required to make sure that their vehicle is properly serviced to handle bad weather conditions. Drivers need to adjust their speed according to the road conditions, regardless of what the posted speed limit is. It is also important to leave more space with the car traveling ahead to accommodate for increased stopping time. Drivers should also plan ahead and allow more time to arrive at their destination.

A driver who fails to exercise this level of care can be held legally responsible in an accident that leads to injuries. Nonetheless, insurance companies often try to deny liability by claiming that the accident was caused by poor weather conditions. The experienced attorneys at J&Y Law Firm have the knowledge and skill to show the other driver’s negligence caused the accident.

Safe Driving Tips in Bad Weather

There are a number of steps drivers can take to prepare for bad weather. First, drivers should ensure that tires, brakes, brake lights and windshield wipers, are in good condition. Obviously, drivers should also operate their vehicles cautiously. It is crucial to allow more time to stop, make turns, and know how to handle skids. Finally, drivers should clear all the snow off their vehicles. Snow and ice can fly off moving vehicles, endangering other drivers.

Weather-Related Accident Attorneys

J&Y Law Firm is highly experienced in handling injury claims arising from weather-related car accidents. We have the skills and resources that are necessary to determine the other driver’s liability, and the degree to which bad weather was a contributing factor. We have a proven track record of helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a weather-related accident, call our office or complete the contact form on our website to set up a consultation.

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