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With more and more drivers on the road in California, car accidents are becoming increasingly common. Auto accidents just don’t happen, however, and are often the result of negligent or reckless drivers. Regardless of the cause, these accidents often result in serious injuries and loss of life. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, it helps to have an experienced attorney to rely on.

The J&Y Law Firm is the premier personal injury firm representing victims of car accidents in Northern and Southern California. We have the legal knowledge and negotiating skills that are essential for pursuing successful injury claims and can help you obtain just compensation.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

There is a wide range of factors that contribute to car accidents, but some of the leading causes include:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Drunk Driving
  • Speeding
  • Improper Turns
  • Reckless Driving/Aggressive Driving
  • Teen Driving
  • Vehicle Defects
  • Bad Weather
  • Highway Construction

Distracted Driving

While drunk driving garners a lot of attention from law enforcement and the media, one of the leading causes of car accidents is distracted driving. Drivers can easily become distracted by eating, drinking, or talking to other passengers. Mostly, however, drivers become distracted by using their cellphones, texting, or other onboard technology such as GPS devices. Although several laws in California prohibit the use of cell phones, texting, and other wireless devices, distracted drivers continue to cause numerous accidents each year.

Drunk Driving

Despite the heightened public awareness of the perils of drunk driving, people continue to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. It is widely acknowledged, however, that drinking impairs a person’s judgment, depth perception, and ability to focus and react to road conditions. In California, the legal limit for DUI is a blood alcohol concentration (the percentage of alcohol in the blood) of 0.08 or higher. While drunk driving laws are strictly enforced and vigorously prosecuted, driving under the influence is a leading cause of auto accident fatalities.


Driving at excessive speeds is dangerous because drivers have less time to react to traffic conditions. Moreover, speeding can lead to high impact collisions that result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Pedestrians are at a particularly high risk, accounting for nearly half of the traffic accident fatalities in California, even though they are only involved in 14 percent of the collisions.

Improper Turns

Stop lights, designated turning lanes and turn signals are all designed to prevent accidents. Nonetheless, drivers frequently ignore the rules of the road and make improper turns with tragic consequences. Examples of improper turns include turning without signaling, turning at a red light when there is a “no turn on red sign,” turning at a stop sign or red light without completely stopping, or failing to yield the right of way to traffic or pedestrians.

Reckless Driving/Aggressive Driving

In California, reckless driving is a moving violation punishable by fines, jail time and/or license suspension or revocation. Nonetheless, disregarding the rules of the road continues to put both reckless drivers and others at a greater risk of injury or death. Examples of reckless or aggressive driving include driving under the influence, speeding, running red lights and stop signs, sudden braking, and tailgating, among others.

Teen Driving

Due to their inexperience, teenage drivers are at a greater risk of being involved in car accidents. Teenagers often underestimate or are unable to recognize, dangerous situations. Young drivers are also more likely to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, text while driving, speed, and tailgate. Sadly, car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers throughout the U.S.

Vehicle Defects

Car manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to ensure that the vehicles they bring to the market are safe. Moreover, there are federal safety standards in place and all vehicles must undergo extensive testing. Nonetheless, vehicle defects contribute to numerous accidents each year, resulting in injuries and death. Most recently, defective airbags were a leading culprit, particularly those that failed to deploy or exploded upon impact, sending deadly shards of metal into the cabin. Other common vehicle defects that contribute to car accidents and injuries include faulty brakes, tires, and steering assemblies.

Bad Weather

When weather conditions are poor, drivers must proceed with caution. Rainwater can make roads slick and dangerous causing cars, motorcycles, and trucks to skid, hydroplane or spin-out when braking. Similarly, snow and ice create all types of hazards that can be made worse by those who don’t know how to drive in bad weather.

Highway Construction

Because local and state governments have a responsibility to maintain the roads and highways, drivers frequently encounter construction zones. Although road construction safety laws are designed to protect drivers and workers, numerous accidents and injuries in highway construction zones occur each year. When signs or cones, barrels and lights are misplaced, however, drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles. Additionally, debris and machinery on the roadway can contribute to accidents.

California Car Accident Attorneys

Regardless of the cause of the car accident, injury victims can recover damages by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. In order to have a successful claim, however, it is necessary to show how the other party was negligent, which makes it crucial to have proper legal representation.

The experienced car accident attorneys at the J&Y law firm have extensive experience handling automobile accident cases in Northern and Southern California.

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