Doctor examining patient's back after a sprain

A back sprain is one of the most painful injuries out there. Your back and spine are responsible for how your whole body works. Back injuries can affect your ability to walk, sit up properly, sleep well at night, drive, pick things up, and work. The spine is the body’s command center, and even minor injuries to it can affect everything about the way you move.

Your back is extremely susceptible to injuries, since it’s so flexible and bears so much of your body weight on a daily basis. Lifting heavy items, getting into an accident, and any impact to the spine can cause severe injuries.

Spinal trauma and injuries, including a back sprain, should be taken extremely seriously. If you have suffered a lumbar injury, you should see a doctor right away from examination, x-rays and treatment. Since the spinal cord is so delicate, treatment is often lengthy and can include bed rest and physical therapy.

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