Joe R. Hernandez is a Managing Litigation Paralegal with over 20 years of professional litigation experience. Joe joined J&Y Law Firm in 2018 and has navigated through various duties and responsibilities including managing his own assigned case load. He has significant experience in dealing with opposing attorneys and drafting pleadings, discovery, subpoenas, deposition notices, and analyzing evidence in preparation of lawsuits against adverse parties in Federal and State Courts.

Prior to devoting his area of expertise to Personal Injury Litigation, Joe was pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. Joe’s early Paralegal career began in a boutique Beverly Hills Family Law practice that catered to Hollywood’s biggest Celebrities.

Also, for a period of time due to Joe’s investigative skills, he focused on post-judgment enforcement and automobile accident investigations which eventually led him to Personal Injury Ligation.

In his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and three children by traveling to various destinations for a family adventure.