My name is Janette Mata and I am a Lien Negotiator focused on reducing medical bills and health insurance reimbursements for our clients at J&Y Law Firm. I regularly keep my clients informed regarding reductions of their bills and expenses.

I deeply value offering our clients a high-level of transparency, clarity, and engagement. These are important qualities to have as a Lien Negotiator because you can build a real relationship with clients and providers, which helps everyone to win.

In my role, I also prioritize openness and honesty. I ensure that the information I convey is accurate, accessible, and easily understood by any audience. This commitment to honesty not only builds trust within the organization but also helps our clients to know that we are always working on their behalf.

Outside of work I like to watch baseball games, especially Angels games with center fielder, Mike Trout. I also never hesitate to take the trip 50 miles East to Big Bear Lake. I also love music, with my favorite singers being Drake, J-Cole, and Selena Gomez.

Again, I am Janette, trusting your case to our firm is a decision I promise you wont regret.