I am a 24-year-old who is passionate about unraveling the complexities of the human mind. I am dedicated to my studies in psychology and seek to understand and contribute to mental well-being. With a curious spirit and empathetic nature, I aspire to make a positive impact at the intersection of psychology and community outreach by utilizing my knowledge and empathy.

As the Records Manager, I am responsible for organizing, managing, and maintaining legal documents to ensure their accuracy and confidentiality. This includes filing, cataloging, and retrieving legal records. I also assist with archiving, scanning, and digitizing documents to facilitate easy access. Additionally, I can request information, track documents, and support staff when needed. 

One of my many professional accomplishments was successfully managing over 20 small and large clinics as an Account Manager, ensuring client satisfaction and implementing strategies for continued success. 

Core Competencies: 

  • Adaptability: Adapting to new technologies or changes in record-keeping practices is essential in this role. 
  • Communication Skills: Clear communication is important for conveying information accurately and collaborating with colleagues or other departments.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous record-keeping is important to prevent mistakes and ensure completeness.
  • Problem Solving: Inconsistencies or incomplete data require problem-solving skills to ensure records are accurate and complete. 
  • Time Management: Efficient time management helps handle high volumes, meet deadlines, and maintain an organized workflow.

Outside of work, I enjoy climbing volcanoes as it offers a unique blend of adventure and inspiring landscapes, making every experience unique. Regarding hobbies, I enjoy playing video games as they provide a captivating escape through strategic thinking and immersive storytelling. I also find unlocking the artistry of makeup allows for the creative expression of beauty through color and technique. In terms of music, I enjoy various rock genres and some dance music. My favorite travel destinations are the beaches along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.