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Who Is Responsible for My Injuries in a Limo Accident?

Hiring the services of a limousine company is more common than ever before in California. In a state known for its extravagance, special occasions beckon Californians to indulge in luxury and carefree travel.  But what happens when your trip to the prom, wedding, or special birthday celebration ends in the tragedy of a limo crash?  What do you do, and who is responsible for your injuries in a limo accident?  

The very first thing any limousine passenger should do after a crash is to seek medical attention, and the second is to call an experienced California limo accident attorney.  While you focus on healing and recovery, your limousine car accident attorney will investigate the incident, determine negligence, and recover the maximum compensation you deserve.  

Who is Liable for My Limo Accident?

Determining liability after a limo accident is a job best left to seasoned limo accident attorneys.  It is not uncommon for there to be several contributing factors and negligent parties in accidents involving hired transportation. 

During the investigation, your limousine accident attorney will assume a multi-layered approach and scrutinize all parties potentially liable for the accident:

Limousine Driver

The limousine driver has a duty of care to you as the passenger.  The duty of care is to reasonably protect your safety by not engaging in any negligent behavior that could contribute to your harm. 

Limousine Company

The limousine company has a duty of care that extends to its drivers and its clients. The limousine company must appropriately safeguard its clients and drivers by ensuring proper maintenance of its fleet of cars, including seat belts, mechanics, tires, and safety recalls. 

Limousine Service Provider

Service providers and maintenance technicians may be held liable or found negligent for improper or deferred maintenance of the limousines.  If negligent maintenance is a contributing factor to a limousine accident, the service provider may be held liable for damages. 

Limousine Car Manufacturer

Any defective limousine in operation on the roadway opens the manufacturer to liability. Manufacturer safety defects are a leading cause of limousine manufacturer liability. 

Drivers and Owners of Other Vehicles and Road Maintenance Departments

Sometimes, no matter how competent the limousine driver or safe the limousine vehicle, accidents happen due to another driver’s negligence, or preventable roadway conditions. Tracing the negligence of another driver, owner of a faulty vehicle, or those responsible for improper road maintenance is part of a comprehensive limousine accident investigation.

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If you or a loved one were injured in a California limousine accident, you might be entitled to significant compensation.  Medical expenses, lost wages, and damages for pain, suffering, and compromised quality of life may be recoverable.  

Our limousine accident lawyers have extensive experience mediating and litigating limousine car accident cases, with a proven record of winning sizable financial awards for our clients. 

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