When you have been in a car accident it is very difficult, but very important, to keep your wits about you. There are certain things that need your attention.

First of all find out if anyone is hurt and get medical attention. Caring for injuries is your number one task. Call 911 to get medical help and summon the police to the scene.

Second prevent further injuries. If there is a lot of traffic, put on your flashers and if possible set up flares. If cars are in the way of oncoming traffic and it is possible, move the vehicles out of the way. Try to leave the vehicles in place until the police have seen the vehicles, but you don’t want to risk getting hit again and you don’t want to cause another person to be involved in the accident.

Get information about the other drivers. A notebook in your car is a very good idea. Get the contact information from the other drivers and get their insurance information. Take down the make model and year of the other vehicles and write down the vehicle license number. Take pictures, if you don’t have a camera, use your cell phone. You will likely need to find a Car Accident Lawyer LA and this information will be very helpful in giving them a clear picture of the accident.

Keep a record of the date and time of the accident in your notebook and keep a record of all of the other information including calls from other drivers, insurance companies, attorneys and keep a record of all of your expenses. This will also be useful for your Car Accident Lawyer LA.

Do not sign anything, especially a liability release. If you are asked to sign anything get it to your Car Accident Lawyer LA for their preview.