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What Should I Do if I Have Chest Pain After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be dangerous and leave victims with one or more injuries. Depending on the specifics of the crash, such as whether those involved were wearing seatbelts or where the impact occurred, car accident victims may feel chest pain among their injuries.

While it’s important to contact a California car accident attorney after being involved in an auto accident, you should also know what to do if you have chest pain after an accident. Chest pain, while sometimes minor, can also be quite serious and may indicate the need for immediate medical attention.

Why Might You Feel Chest Pain After an Accident?

Car accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, including chest pain. You might feel chest pain after a car accident because:

  • Your seatbelt dug into your chest during the accident. While it is still smart to wear a seatbelt whenever you are in a car, seatbelts can forcefully restrict your movement during a crash and cause abrasions or even bruising to your chest. In some cases, fractures to the sternum injuries to other areas are possible depending on the force of the crash
  • Muscle strains or a bruised sternum
  • Bruised or fractured ribs. Fractured ribs are especially serious – if you experience sharp pain in the chest or discomfort in your front upper body, contact emergency services ASAP
  • Injuries to internal organs

In some cases, airbag deployment could cause the airbag to pop or break. Car accident victims could accidentally inhale cornstarch from the airbag, leading to lung irritation and/or pain.

What to Do if You Feel Chest Pain After a Car Accident

No matter the root cause of your chest pain, it’s always a good idea to get it looked at by emergency services when you first detect it. If you feel chest pain immediately after an accident, tell it to the emergency personnel in the area after they arrive.

If you develop chest pain after the fact, visit a clinic or hospital depending on the pain’s severity. Do not ignore chest pain or refuse to tell emergency personnel for any reason.

Chest pain can be indicative of larger problems or long-term conditions, including organ failure, broken bones, and problems with your lungs or heart. These are all very serious issues, so it’s never a good idea to brush off chest pain as something you don’t need to take care of immediately.

Can You Sue for Chest Pain from a Car Accident?

Yes. Depending on the circumstances of the car accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for the pain and suffering as a result of any injuries related to the motor vehicle collision. However, receiving compensation for chest pain and other related injuries is contingent on having a successful case.

You’ll have the best odds of successfully winning a California car accident case with the right legal team on your side. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.