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What Do Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Do?

Thousands of individuals are killed and injured each year in pedestrian accidents in the United States. The GHSA predicted earlier this year that 2019 would be the deadliest year for pedestrians on U.S. roads since 1990. California is consistently the leader or in the top two or three states each year with the most pedestrian fatalities. A California pedestrian accident attorney helps injured victims recover compensation for their physical injuries, emotional distress, mental anguish, and financial damages. 

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

When you hire a pedestrian accident lawyer, the attorney may take several steps to investigate the accident. The attorney is investigating the accident to determine how the accident occurred, the factors involved in the accident, and the parties that contributed to the cause of the accident. An accident investigation is essential because you can only recover compensation for damages from the party or parties responsible for the cause of your injuries. Therefore, you must have evidence that proves how the accident occurred and how the parties involved contributed to the cause of the accident. 

Steps that your attorney may take when investigating a pedestrian accident claim include, but are not limited to:

  • Requesting copies of the accident report and the police report
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses and bystanders
  • Visiting the accident scene to take photographs and make videos
  • Searching for videos of the actual accident captured on traffic videos, red-light cameras, or nearby surveillance cameras
  • Consulting with experts to recreate how the accident occurred to help identify the parties involved in the accident
  • Ordering and review medical records 
  • Subpoena cell phone records and information regarding the vehicle involved in the accident

The accident investigation can be time-consuming. Having a legal team on your side to handle the investigation can give you an advantage over trying to handle your pedestrian accident claim yourself. 

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Handle the Insurance Claim

After a pedestrian accident, the insurance company investigates the accident to determine whether its insured was responsible for the accident. If so, the insurance company is liable for the damages caused by the accident. However, insurance companies can be aggressive. Adjusters can pressure victims to provide statements, sign medical authorization forms, and accept low offers for settlement. 

When you hire an attorney, you do not need to deal with the insurance company. You have someone to do that for you. You have an experienced legal advocate who calculates the actual value of your pedestrian accident claim so that you do not need to wonder if the insurance company is trying to undervalue your claim. You also have someone to protect you from unfair insurance tactics and bad faith claims.

Your attorney files the claim, drafts a settlement demand, and negotiates with the insurance company for a fair settlement. Settling an insurance claim can take several months after you complete medical treatment. You never want to settle a pedestrian injury claim before you complete treatment because you could receive less than your claim is worth. You want to ensure that you understand the full extent of your injuries because that factor can greatly impact the value of your claim. 

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