Weed Abatement Deadline Approaches in Contra Costa County

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District reminds residents in Contra Costa County that the Weed Abatement Deadline is June 3.

By Monday June, 3, this is the day by which every property owner—including residential, commercial and parcels of land—must cut down tall grasses and weeds in order to prevent grass fires and other wildfires from spreading quickly in our communities.

Deputy Fire Marshal Steve Aubert encourages residents to please have their weed abatement done so it can help them protect not only your home, but other homes in the community as well.

According to the fire district, the basic objective of the Exterior Hazard Control Unit’s Weed Abatement program is to eliminate the incidence of grass and rubbish fires, where possible, and to reduce the severity of such fires where they cannot be eliminated.

Every year, fires threaten homes and properties as a result of unnecessary combustible debris and vegetation. It is every property owner’s responsibility to eliminate these fire hazards on their property that may endanger their neighbors and the community at large. Every property owner, regardless of type – including residential, commercial, and parcels of land — is ultimately responsible for managing their vegetation to meet Fire District requirements.

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Ensure Defensible Space

Defensible Space is the buffer you create between a building on your property and the grass, trees, shrubs and any wildland area that surrounds it. This space is needed to slow or stop the spread of wildfire and it helps protect your home from catching fire, either from embers, direct flame contact, or radiant heat. Proper defensible space also provides firefighters a safe area to work in, to defend your home. Defensible space, coupled with some home hardening, is essential to improve your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire.

Recent Vegetation Fires Around Contra Costa County:

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