J&Y Law Firm lists three apps that make driving safer.

Three Apps That Make Driving Safer

New car tech helps prevent car accidents in numerous ways. However, there are also apps that make driving safer. Everyone wants to believe they are a safe driver; however, just one small distraction could result in a deadly traffic accident. Because many safe driving apps are free to download and use or cost very little to purchase, our California personal injury attorney suggests that you may want to research several of the following apps to help decrease your chance of being involved in a traffic accident.

Apps to Help Prevent Traffic Accidents

Some apps that you may want to take a close look at for you and your teen drivers include:


The LifeSafer app prevents you from using your cell phone while you are driving by blocking all cell phone apps. It also allows you to track your teenager’s driving habits to reward safe driving behavior and correct dangerous driving habits. The app also notifies friends and family members when you arrive at your destination, which is a great feature for parents with teen drivers.

TrueMotion Family

The TrueMotion Family app is another powerful tool for parents who want to monitor dangerous and risky driving behaviors by measuring the number of times a driver exhibits unsafe driving behavior. The app can also teach adult drivers better driving habits by offering suggestions for improving driving habits.

Drive Safe.ly

The Drive Safe.ly app helps prevents accidents by reading text messages to drivers so that they do not need to take their eyes off the road. The app also sends a text message back to the sender letting the sender know that the person cannot respond immediately to the text message. The app is completely hands-free, so the driver does not need to try to reach for the phone to receive a text message. The app is also compatible with Bluetooth and radio transmitters.

Check with Your Insurance Company

Many insurance providers are using apps to help their customers develop better driving habits. By using an insurance company app, you may be able to save money on your car insurance premiums and earn rewards for avoiding risky driving behaviors.

Before using any driving app, make sure to read the fine print, even an app from your insurance company, to determine what information you provide to the company and the information the company can access while you are driving and while you are away from your vehicle. Many apps track locations, speed, stopping, and other information and store the information for future use in reports and other features.

Safe Driving Apps Are Not the Only Answer

Drivers are ultimately responsible for their behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle. They cannot blame their poor driving habits on anyone but themselves. Safe driving apps can help decrease the risk of a traffic accident and improve driving behaviors, but an app cannot prevent poor decisions behind the wheel.

Call a California Personal Injury Attorney if You Are Injured by a Negligent Driver

If another driver causes you to be injured in a traffic accident, California’s personal injury laws can hold that driver liable for damages arising from the accident. While you are recovering from your injuries, allow a California personal injury attorney to investigate your accident and work to hold the other driver responsible for his negligence and wrongdoing. Contact us today for a free consultation