Motorcycle on the rural road

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in California

California has been described as a huge theme park for children and adults who love to explore the wild variety of nature. No other state offers so many scenic choices like deserts, beaches, volcanoes, forests, mountains, marshlands, and other gorgeous locations. One might think the state was designed with motorcycle riders in mind. 

Whether you ride a motorbike frequently or just want to experience the freedom of riding a rental motorcycle while on vacation, we have selected the 10 best motorcycle rides in California. This list could have been two or three times as long, so some people might argue that their favorite road should have been on the list. If you get hurt while riding a motorcycle, a California motorcycle accident attorney could help you go after the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

These suggested rides are in no particular order:

Pacific Coast Highway One

You could run practically from one end of California to the other along the western coast riding on Pacific Coast Highway One. PCH is one of the most famous state roads in America. You could ride through Ventura and Big Sur and see the Golden Gate Bridge. There are countless beaches, cliffs, and mountains along the route.

Sierra Heritage Highway

The interior of California delivers stunning scenery, like the 72-mile ride that starts in Fresno. You could amble along SR 180 and SR 41. You will not want to miss Huntington Lake or take some time off the bike to enjoy hiking and camping in Sierra National Park and go fishing and rafting on the waterways. 

Redwood Highway

You can take the US 199 south from Crescent City and motor through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and other destinations along the 175-mile Redwood highways. When many people think of California, the massive redwood trees are one of the top attractions, along with the beaches and Hollywood. 

Conzelman Road

You can ride from the Golden Gate National Recreational Area toward the west coastline on Conzelman Road. Be prepared to snap photos of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the Point Bonita lighthouse, and a stunning sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 

Route 33

You can start on the Ojai freeway at Ventura and drive north on the Maricopa highway for a little over 80 miles. SR 33 is a relaxing, comfortable ride with unbelievable terrain. One of the attractions of this route is the Los Padres National Forest. 

Angeles Crest Highway

This route takes you through Angeles National Forest in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. It is amazing to find such rustic wilderness in an area with such a huge population. Be prepared to practice your driving skills, as the 60-mile ride takes you through mountains and around countless hairpin turns.

Joshua Tree National Park

On your way to Palm Springs, you could enjoy this easy-going ride. The 70 miles will take you about an hour and a half if you don’t give into the many temptations to pull off the road and soak in the scenery, but we think you will want to do that. Be prepared for brutal heat in the summertime or mountain snow in the winter.

Montezuma Valley Road

This 75-mile stretch of road northeast of San Diego is world-renowned among motorcyclists. The change in elevation is more than 3000 feet. Extreme turns are the norm, so try not to get too distracted by the gorgeous panoramic views. It is best to pull over to take photographs.

The Snake

Speaking of winding roads, the Challenge of the Snake is famous in the LA area. There are 21 back-to-back turns on Mulholland Highway near The Rock Store. This challenging section of roadway from the valley to Malibu and beyond is for experienced riders. If despite your best efforts to stay safe while enjoying California’s amazing motorcycle routes, you get injured in an accident, a California personal injury attorney could help you hold the negligent party accountable. For help with your case contact our office today.