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I was so grateful that Attorney Yahoudai was on my side during one of my most difficult life situations. When the accident occurred on Jan 1, 2011, I was so depressed to learn that no witnesses were present to testify for me. I’ve always been a very careful driver so getting into a terrible accident that totally wrecked my car was truly devastating for me. Only then that I began to truly believe that despite being very careful, accidents still happen. My sister was in the car with me when the accident happened. I was okay except for my chipped front teeth and one big bruise on my hip. However, what happened to my sister was truly devastating and caused me more sadness. I thought I would lose her because she suffered from a severe internal neck injury and a hematoma and the doctors thought she could die. Fortunately enough, she regained her consciousness but she had to wear a neck brace for a period of three months in addition to having to delay her studies as a result of the accident.

I was beginning to lose hope when the police officer reported that the one at fault could not be determined even though I was so sure that I made a left turn as soon as I saw the green left turn arrow lit up while the other party driving the opposite direction negligently hit my car during my turn. I was so sure that I was in the right of way, but since there were no witnesses willing to stay and testify, I could not present the police officer with any evidence other than parol or subjective evidence. It took me some months before I was able to find the perfect lawyer to represent my case until I found out about Attorney Yosi Yahoudai through my sister’s lawyer. Atty. Yahoudai happened to be one of the top lawyers in the state, so I did not hesitate at all to request for his help. With his great intellect coupled with great sincerity and compassion for me as his client, he was able to win my case. I was truly overwhelmed with the result. In addition, he charges fairly and treats me with respect. I will gladly recommend him as a personal injury lawyer to those who are in need. Because of him, my hope was renewed. I will be forever grateful to him.

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