Teen brutally beaten by 3 people at Watts restaurant

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

LOS ANGELES – A 15-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being brutally attacked by a group of people while getting food with friends.

The Los Angeles Police Department says two teenagers were having lunch outdoors at Watts Freedom Plaza on May 14 when they were approached from behind and brutally beaten by three juveniles. The three suspects then fled. One of them has since been arrested for attempted murder. Police are working to locate and arrest the two other suspects. 

One of the victims, Jason Rios, remains in the hospital. Nayeli Rios says she’s devastated over what happened to her brother, who turned 15 just days ago. FOX 11 caught up with Jason’s mom and sister at the hospital. They say he has facial swelling. His eye, they say, is swelling to the point of closing up.

“He was sitting at an outside table… and then a group of individuals came up behind him who he had never seen and never spoke to nothing of that sort… threw a punch at his head, threw him to the ground and then they started hitting him, started kicking him… started throwing punches at him,” Nayeli said. 

“Nobody helped him, nobody called paramedics, nobody called the police!”

And, when he saw the assailants leave Nayeli says, “…he went and hid and was able to call and say like ‘hey I’ve just been hit by some people can you come and pick me up.'”

When his mother arrived, Nayeli says she called an ambulance and Jason was rushed to a hospital and then transferred to another where he had an 8-hour surgery because of brain Hemorrhaging. 

He is now under 24-hour medical surveillance. Jason’s sister tells us the nurses are describing Jason’s condition as stable, but critical. The family is trying to raise money to help with Jason’s recovery. A GoFundMe has been created. 

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