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Summer Is Here: Be Safe in the Pool with these Tips

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Hot California days beg for swimming pool fun. After all, what’s better than cooling off during a quick splash in the pool, especially with family and friends? Whether you’re taking a solo dive or planning a swim party, being mindful of swimming pool safety is essential. 

Every year, swimming pool accidents result in unintentional drownings that could have been avoided. California swimming pool accident lawyers understand the tragedy of these incidents and encourage you to implement necessary safety precautions to keep you and your guests safe in the pool.

Be Safe in the Pool With These Tips

Keep a Clean Pool

Swimming pool water is stagnant water that can quickly grow pathogens and algae. While unsanitary water poses significant health risks to swimmers, algae clouds visibility, making it difficult to see a drowning swimmer. 

Additionally, an accumulation of algae on pool steps, diving boards, and pool decks increases the number of slip and fall accidents.  A properly cleaned and treated pool will reduce the risk of illness and accidents to swimmers.

Be Aware

Young children are notoriously drawn to water, and it only takes a moment for them to slip into a pool unnoticed when nobody’s watching. Many children drown during group gatherings while adults are distracted by socializing or other activities. 

  • Designate an adult to supervise pool activity.
  • Hire a lifeguard during pool parties to ensure swimmer safety.
  • Require adult supervision when children are swimming.
  • Regularly account for the whereabouts of children.
  • If a child is missing, check the pool immediately.

Limit Horseplay

Running on wet pool decks and goofing-off on diving boards are leading causes of injuries at swimming pools. It’s easy to twist an ankle, scrape a knee, or knock-out teeth from a fall on slippery surfaces. Add the risks of severe head injury and drowning from horse-play accidents, and you can understand why running and rough-housing at a swimming pool should never be allowed. 

Pool Safety Skills and Kits

Being prepared in the event of a swimming pool emergency is vital. Some acquired skills and safety equipment can make all the difference in an emergency:

Adults supervising pool activities should be:

  • CPR certified
  • skilled swimmers
  • knowledgeable about basic first aid

Pool safety equipment should include:

  • a first-aid kit including scissors to cut clothing or hair
  • floatation safety devices to throw to swimmers
  • a charged cell phone to dial 911
  • hydration for swimmers to reduce cramps and muscle fatigue

Fence Your Pool

If you have a pool on your property, it is your responsibility to keep it secure. The easiest way to do this is to install a locked fence with an alarm around the pool. You won’t always be home to supervise your yard. Fencing your pool provides a barrier against unexpected or unwanted swimmers.

California Swimming Pool Attorneys

California swimming pools provide a welcome escape from everyday routines and hot days, especially for kids on summer break. However, failure to implement standard safety precautions like those outlined above can easily lead to tragedy. Swimming pool lawyers remind everyone to take pool safety seriously.

 The majority of swimming pool accidents and drownings are avoidable. If you or someone you love has been injured or drowned in a California pool accident, you may have legal recourse and be entitled to compensation. Contact our California swimming pool attorneys today for a comprehensive review of your case. 

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