Proving lost wages due to a personal injury

If you are injured in an accident, you will likely lose hours of work (and therefore money) due to the time you will spend in the hospital, attending medical appointments, and recovering. This means that you could be compensated not only for your injuries but for any lost wages that may result from the accident. It is essential to know that lost wages take many forms, and proving these losses could be challenging depending on the severity of your injuries.

There are different types of lost wages that you can discuss with an attorney when building a claim, including:

Lost earnings: This is the simplest type of lost earnings and is equal to the money you could have earned had it not been for the injury.

Loss of sick days, paid time off, or paid leave: Some victims need to use paid days off or paid leave to receive the total amount of their medical treatment or recover from their injuries.

Wrongful death loss of income: Wrongful death is related to personal injury. Suppose a parent, spouse, or other family member appears to another family member and fails because of a personal injury. In this case, the surviving family member could be compensated for the economic losses caused by this death.

Loss of future wages and earning capacity: This category applies when your injuries negatively impair your future ability to earn at the same level of productivity and future job advancement.

Calculating lost wages can be tricky. A personal injury attorney can help you determine what type of evidence you may need to support your claim and obtain the compensation you deserve. This evidence may include:

  • Records of missed work hours, as well as hours of paid leave
  • Pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, and other similar documents can prove the monetary value of your lost time.
  • Miscellaneous statements from an employer, family member, or others aware of the financial loss caused by the incident

Depending on the loss, an expert may be required to demonstrate the extent of your future lost wages and lost earning capacity. Various factors are considered when calculating a reasonable dollar amount for these damages, so it is crucial to consult with an attorney to decide on the most effective course of action.